Tokyo Travelogue: Day 5 Tokyo DisneySea


After spending 1 full day in Tokyo Disneyland the day before, we were ready to go for Tokyo DisneySea the next morning. The bff and I wore our new t-shirts bought in Tokyo Disneyland because we wanted to blend in with the locals lol. By the way, I've never worn that shirt out ever since, wearing it only at home to sleep because it's so... eye-catching HAHAHA.


Boarded the free shuttle bus to the Bayside Station from our hotel's entrance.



One single trip cost 260yen and you can pay with your PASMO or Suica card.


Alighted at the Tokyo DisneySea station to find a HUGE crowd (what's new really) and the crowd seems to be much more than TDL's the day before omg T___T


Ohhh the band to welcome you with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!




I made my brother brisk walk ahead of us to get to Toy Story Mania for the FastPass tickets while the rest of us tried to catch up behind.


.... They were camping for the morning show on the river that starts at 10am. This was 15 mins after opening hours at 8am. #dedication #iwillnotjoinyouguys


DisneySea is actually built in a circular motion and unlike Disneyland, it isn't as convenient to comb the entire park because getting from one end to the other end requires you to walk in a full circle wtf. Totally wasn't expecting this really.


So.... my brother actually walked back to find us because he saw this queue before us. This was the queue for the Toy Story Mania FastPass O.O


Yup, 50 mins after park opening the earliest timing is already 1.30-2.30pm in the afternoon. The Japanese are really siao I tell you.


We actually gave up and left after that because the queue was super duper long. It was a good 5km away from the attraction's entrance really. If you ever visit TDS, I would suggest that you give the FP queue a miss unless you're super duper kiasu and queue at the park's gate at like... 6am or something lol. Anyway, we left to go to the Tower of Terror attraction beside Toy Story Mania to get our FastPass which had no queue (yay!) and then headed off elsewhere to another ride.



Hi Pluto! ^^


Tower of Terror ride is a must try!!! I highly recommend this ride if you have limited time within the park.


Jasmine and her Aladdin friends lol


Here's a look at Mysterious Island where we went to queue for the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride. Queue times were around 20-25 mins which are pretty short in my opinion plus the ride was super fun! Sadly the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride was closed for maintenance then D:


Cape Cod a.k.a Land of Duffy & friends wohoo! Here's one place I was super eggcited to visit because I'm a major Duffy fan :D




The Duffy store which is a must-go for all Duffy fans! And I have to tell you that this was one of the most crowded places inside TDS because everyone was just buying Duffy merchandise non-stop.




Yes this went home with me lol


Gelatoni goods can also be found here.


I really walked out of that store very broke HAHAHA and nope it wasn't embarrassing to carry those around because every single girl in the park was like this or had at least 5 bears stuck all over their bags/clothing


Photo opportunity to place your Duffy bear. Way to milk the Duffy phenomenon Tokyo DisneySea!



Oh this round was very fun too! We actually stopped at the restaurant near this ride for lunch before going on this ride lol. The food was pretty bad in my opinion but cannot hiam because we were too lazy to walk all the way to elsewhere for food. By then we had only covered half the park.



Ice cream break while waiting for the mid-day parade to start


The parade for DisneySea actually takes place on the river in the Mediterranean Harbour and then the characters will walk onto the grounds before returning back to the floats.

I didn't really enjoy the parades here because it was so difficult to see them. I can understand why people actually camp at the harbour area for a good spot to view the parade but it was so 'mehhhh' for me after awhile that we barely took any photos. If you really want to take pictures of the characters, I suggest that you bring a telezoom lens which every Japanese there had while I stood there in with my prime lens sheesh.


Mermaid Lagoon which is home to Ariel and her friends - super cool place! This is also where you can queue to meet Ariel in person.




We actually queued to meet her because we hadn't taken any pictures then with any Disney characters (the Duffy and Shellie May queue was crazy btw) but sadly you can only take 1 photo per group/person. The bff and I chose to take the picture together because it felt funny to be just standing beside Ariel alone lol.


We got her to sign our booklet too and she was so happy to converse with us in English hahaha! She also commented that my hair colour was like hers and I told her because I wanted to be like her LOLOLOLOL #lies #rapunzelismyfavprincess #arielisnumber2


Next we went off to Arabian Coast to search for Jasmine and Aladdin LOLOLOL we were stalking Instagram non-stop to see if they were out that day but we went a little too late in the day around 4pm so the characters were gone by then.


Jasmine and her pet tiger :D


Jasmine-ception LOL


Jasmine and her true love


Managed to see more character mascots here as well


This is Jafar's back view




Managed to catch Abu for a solo picture with us


This was the only ride we took because I wanted to see Chandu HAHAH!


This is Chandu - super cute! Don't you think he looks like a mini version of Rajah from Aladdin?


Chandu's tail is actually a steamed bun with chicken filling and it's one of DisneySea's must eat snack so we had to buy one to try.



Raging Spirits ride which was very fun and thrilling too!


So we decided to go back to queue for Toy Story Mania because this ride is only available in this park. And with that huge queue this morning, we just had to try it one time.



Queue we did, for 1h 40 mins T__________T BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!


This ride is a 3D ride where you go through the entire course and try to earn as many points as you can. Super fun because it's so interactive! We got off the ride super exhilarated and happy that we actually went through with the long queue to experience this. Highly highly highly recommend this ride if you have the time and is a Toy Story lover!



Had an awesome time in DisneySea and can totally understand all the hype about this park. Definitely keep an entire full day free to thoroughly enjoy this park. However, I still think Tokyo Disneyland is worth a visit if you can afford the time.

If not, Tokyo DisneySea is definitely one of the places you have to visit because the rides are catered more for adults i.e. rollercoasters plus you get to see Duffy and friends here :D

Alright, so that's the end of our 2 day Disney experience in Tokyo. We went back to downtown Tokyo the next day into another hotel so stay tuned for the next few entries to come!