Tokyo Travelogue: Day 3 Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama


Ok first and foremost, happy CNY to everyone reading this! I had a really quiet celebration this year, somehow the novelty of being festive is just too tiresome for me and I pretty much spent the long weekend sleeping and recharging for the new year :D Anyway, back to the entry - I've finally finished editing Day 3 pics and let me tell you it was so tedious (I blame myself and the bff for taking so many useless pics lol!). Totally not looking forward to editing Day 4 pics because we went to Tokyo Disneyland but let's leave it for another time shall we?

Today's itinerary consist of one place only - Yokohama! Yokohama is just a short trip out of Tokyo (30 mins via train) so we wanted to get out of there to experience some place outside of Tokyo and the place we wanted to visit was the Nissin Cup Noodles Museum.


But first... combini breakfast ^^ It was either this or Macs again because there weren't any breakfast places near our hotel lol so we settled for combini food.


Take the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line Shinjuku Station and alight at Yokohama station. Transfer to Minatomirai (25mins, 550 yen).


Just follow the directions inside the train station and then come up to the ground level, you'll be greeted by this hugeeeeee ferris wheel and roller coaster which is Yokohama Cosmo World.


Head on down the street and keep a lookout for this building below diagonally opposite of you and you know you're at the correct place.





Entrance fees are 500yen per adult and you have to indicate the timing you want to visit the Cup Noodle Factory. Admission is strictly only with the timing coupon so be sure to tell the counter the time you want to visit the Cup Noodle Factory.


There's store selling of course, cup noodles lol, on the ground floor. You can come here to browse for really cool cup noodle related merchandise.



Statue of Momofuku Ando, the creator of Nissin cup noodles.


I think they managed to collect cup noodles available all over the world for this museum exhibit.





Here's a sneak peek first at the cup noodle factory! LOOK AT THAT CROWD *inserts look of horror* Now you know why you have to be assigned a timing. We had about an hour to kill before our allocated timing to go to the cup noodle factory so we explored the other floors. I do have to say that other than the cup noodle factory, this museum is pretty boring. You'll see why later on.


One level above the cup noodle factory is a small indoor park for children to play in.


And next to it is a small area selling cooked noodles, probably for the poor parents who have to wait for their kids to finish playing in the indoor park haha.


We were a little hungry because our breakfast was pretty small in portions so we ordered a bowl of the original Nissin cup noodles each. It's cooked in chicken broth by the way.


One small bowl costs 150yen and you can choose a total of 2 condiments from a selection of 8 ingredients.




Just tell the friendly staff there which items you want to add in and they will do so with a smile :) #friendlypeopleinJapan


It is pretty small in portion so after like 2-3 mouthfuls I actually finished the entire bowl of noodles O.O



Pretty yummy in my opinion as are Nissin noodles.


You get a very nice view of Yokohama's sea/harbour area from the museum as well


Ok we finally managed to wait for our turn to enter the cup noodle factory!


Each cup noodles cost 300yen


Basically you get to be creative and design your own cup noodles' cup :D

I have no creativity/drawing ability inside me so I resorted to copying the Nissin chicken mascot onto my own cup lol and I'm pretty amazed by my brother's drawing HAHAHAH!


Super duper proud that he designed that cup lol!


After you're done designing the cup, you head over to this super duper long queue to wait for your turn at the actual 'factory' and put your noodles + condiments in.


They also conduct private classes here.


Anyway, here's a list of the things you can add into your cup noodles to customise your own Nissin cup noodles!



BFF + Toy Story Alien = <3


And it is very systematic here - they take the empty cups form you and place them over dried noodles. You then get to turn the knob here to 'fill' your cup with the noodles.


It then gets sent to the next station where you add in all the ingredients and soup base. I went for the curry flavour and it was so amazing with cheese!!



Next station is to seal your cup noodles with the foil cover.


And then they get vacuum sealed with plastic and tadah, your very own cup noodles! My mother looks so tamchiak here haha holding all the cup noodles. The bff and I were too busy taking pictures xD


You can choose to seal your cup noodles in a special bag and pump it with air to prevent it from being damaged but we skipped this because it was way too bulky for us to throw into our bags.


This reminds me of Teukie oppa :D



And that's it for the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama!

Overall I would recommend you making a trip here just for the novelty of making your own customised cup noodles and if you have small children because I think they would enjoy this place. There were so many school excursion groups there at the museum so clearly this is a place for children to enjoy and have fun making their own cup noodles.

Anyway that's it for now! I'll be back soon with the next half of the day where we went to explore Minatomirai station and also back to Shibuya for more shopping!