This week at work...

It's finally Friday! *throws confetti* TGIF to everyone reading this right now lol.
had a multi racial week for lunch at work for some reason la.
Monday had lunch at the Indian restaurant at Expo!
$7.90 for this whole plate.
quite reasonable I guess since it comes with a naan, pappadum and basmati rice.
but I didn't really dare to consume the vegetables D:
I should be more adventurous with my food taste la haha!
I also became an aunty to baby Eliza! :D
my cousin had a C-section on Monday and this precious little girl came into the world.
cute anot? ^^
I find it very amusing that she's called Eliza and my mum's actual name is Elisa.
so... Big Lisa, Small Liza? LOL anw, blessed life little one! hope Chloe will be a good companion to you just as how all my cousins are to me! :)
went home and did my nails on Monday while watching WGM lol.
decided to do some green nails because I hardly wear green on my nails and I always buy them yet don't use them.
Polishes I used all from China Glaze! Darker green is Custom Kicks and the lighter teal colour is Aquadelic. Glitter layered on top is Grafitti Glitter from the Glitz collection.
Lunch on Tuesday was Pad Thai at Downtown East lol.
Looks like char kway teow right? hahaha. not too bad, $4.80 only haha.
Then we had Chicken Briyani at East Point on Wednesday. EXOTIC OR NOT? LOL.
1 whole week of non-chinese good. I don't even....Cost me $7.90 which was ok given that portions were really big!
Then yesterday for lunch we went to Changi Village for nasi lemak! :P
been ages since I last had CV Nasi Lemak, easily 2-3 years alr.
Received these on Wednesday cos it was colleague's last day at my company.
kinda surprised to receive it because we weren't that close but thank you nevertheless and all the best at your new job! :)
received really bad news just now at lunch: my tuition got cancelled for the next 2 weeks and cos I'll be away in early feb, another session cancelled. after which, it'll be CNY so.... cancelled 4 tuition lessons straight.
SIGH. my luck this year has been nothing but bad.
pray hope I can find alternative income if not... find a better paying job.
the pay here is really as peanuts as it can be.
leave you with an awesome picture of Jiyong!
oppa, next time, let's be together hahaha!
*throws hearts*