Taiwan Travelogue: Day 6 & Day 7

The last of my entries for the Taipei trip! Gonna lump my last 2 days together because I don't really have much pictures to share haha oops.
Will do a post on where to buy makeup in Taipei, especially for those brands not available in Singapore ya!
So stay tuned for that :D
Moving on, I woke up feeling tons better the next morning after popping Panadol the night before.
Headed out at around 2pm for lunch to the 東區 area because the bf decided to bring me to 點水樓 for xiao long baos!
Couple selfie in the cab first! With tons of filters because I still look sick.
Touted as the best xiao long baos in Taiwan, 點水樓 is located at SOGO Fuxing Level 11. You can alight at Zhongxiao Fuxing station and exit towards the Fuxing building of SOGO.
By the time we arrived it had already changed its menu to the afternoon tea one so sadly, not much rice/noodles for us to pick D:
Ordered a few dim sum style dishes to fill up our hungry tummies!
Xiao long baos and dumplings
Siew mai
Truffle xiao long baos
I swear you have to give the truffle xiao long baos a try! The smell.... I thought truffle fries were my favourite form of 'truffle-food' but the xiao long baos just overtook the fries to become my number one truffle infused food item!
Soupy xiao long bao! Yum
This was the worst thing to order D: Some custard bun thingy.
Tasted like really dry huat kueh FML
After that I went shopping for more makeup (HEHEHE!) before walking around to find a mani/pedi shop to do my nails. I originally wanted a store that is near to Breeze Center but they were fully booked :( Note to self: must make an appointment in future!
So walked around the SOGO area and found a really small store that was very free (probably not good one...)
And true enough, the nail polishes used were all brands that I'd never heard of before wtf. Still went ahead with a mani/pedi session because I had no time to do my nails before my cousin's wedding as I would arrive in SG very late the next day.
The bf was really nice to accompany me throughout the 2 hour odd session and then we went to tabao food back for his brother and our dinner!
This store is directly opposite 東區粉圓 which is extremely famous for its.... 粉圓 la what else lol! The cold noodles from this store is very nice! Do try it if you happen to pass by here then afterwards just cross the road to have dessert lol. FYI they sell out very early so we were lucky that there were still noodles available that evening.

The address to Dong Qu Fen Yuan: No. 38, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd, Taiwan 106

The bf loves eating this so we tabao-ed 2 portions to go as well! No pics because the guys devoured it without pausing to let me take a picture wth.

Last minute shopping in Watsons hehehe!
Last day in Taipei was spent........... having lunch with the bf's family and then rushing to the airport lol!
Last couple selfie :(
China Airlines back to SG
In preparation for the upcoming concert then lol
I was so late at the airport - 1 hour before take-off - due to the late lunch and torrential rain on the way.
Please factor in about an hour before your check-in time to allow yourself to reach Taoyuan Airport in time.
Ran to the gate and promptly forgot to take back my SG simcard wtf.
Had to text the brother to get my mum to get a replacement simcard because I was landing only at 9pm in SG and the wedding I had to attend was early in the morning the following day.
Thankfully I was able to spot my dad at the arrival gates if not I dunno whether public payphones are still available in Singapore leh.
Anyway, that's the end of my 7D6N trip to Taiwan to visit the bf haha!
He'll be back in Singapore soon (I hope) before going off to the UK for studies ^^ Can't wait!