Taiwan Travelogue: Day 4 in Taipei Formosa Chang, Shopping at Stay Real & SOGO

Wohoo okay am on a roll! Spent Day 4 in Taipei doing what all girls love: eating and shopping!
I wanted to go to Formosa Chang for my favourite minced pork rice or 滷肉飯. If you've been to Taiwan before I am pretty sure you have tried the rice from this chain of stores. The outlet at Wu Fen Pu is a haunt for tourists actually haha! But sadly, standards have dropped over the years since I first tried it. In fact, the bf dislikes it but only went because I didn't like the rice from other stores lol. Oops :P
The man with the beard or 'Formosa Chang' is synonymous with the minced pork rice so even if you cannot read Chinese, by looking at the mascot you'd be able to tell that this is the correct store. You can check out the outlets are their website here.
We went to an outlet in Neihu area because.... we boarded the wrong bus lol. And somehow ended up spotting an outlet la.
What we ordered! Not much given that it's just the two of us only.
 And for the highlight.... the 'yuan yang' dish of chicken strips and minced pork rice!

It's not on the menu so you can tell the server to give you half of each or tell them yuan yang haha. Perks of dating a local, they will tell you things like these xD

Corn soup - please skip this! It wasn't tasty at all D:
You can buy back these prepacked minced pork sachets. Regret not getting any though boo :(
Off to the convenience store for a drink lol! Another fav hobby of ours.
Next stop was actually to the Stay Real新忠孝店 to buy things for Stella and Wanjun. Hopped onto the mrt and got off at Zhong Xiao Dun Hua station to walk to the store.
Passed by a newly open Innisfree store and was just mindblown by how awesome the entire store was haha!
I promise I will start a K-Beauty series soon okay because I always have people asking me what type of Korean brands to buy so why not give you guys my honest opinions and then you can decide for yourselves what suits your needs best :)
Ok, no more digression!
Found the store after walking around in circles because I couldn't orientate myself with the map HAHAHA! Oh and managed to snag myself a pair of shoes at the underground mall so not that bad yeah.
Bought close to $300 worth of items - bags, clothes etc - and left afterwards to Zhong Xiao Fu Xing's SOGO because I told the bf I wanted to visit SOGO and buy makeup!
Stopped by the Fu Xing branch of SOGO for some much needed rest actually. My feet was hurting so badly by then so I requested for a pit stop. He agreed quite quickly because he really dislikes walking around that much haha. Men.
This cafe is located on Level 10 in the SOGO Fuxing branch. Food was alright given that they were only desserts to be honest. I liked my apple crumble thingy but the bf gobbled up his crepe as soon as the waiter set the plate done lol so I guess it's nicer? He refused to eat mine though even though I offered HAHAAH!
SOGO is actually separated into two branches - Fuxing and Zhongxiao. Both are just diagonally across the road to each other and accessible via the MRT (Zhongxiao Fuxing station). I didn't check out the makeup counters at the Fuxing branch because I stupidly thought there was only makeup counters in the Zhongxiao branch. Nevertheless, I will leave the makeup shopping in another entry so do check back for it yeah! :D
Popped by the Watsons that is beside the Zhongxiao branch of SOGO and was just like... 'Take all my money right now!' to the makeup there lololol #makeupaddictwoes
And as you can see, this outlet is actually 24 hours (as are some larger outlets) so I was like... 'What!? MIDNIGHT SHOPPING FTW NO?!' to the bf and he gave me the evil eye lol.
He always complains to his family that Singaporean girls like to go to Taiwan's Watsons only hahaha like as if we don't have Watsons stores in our country. We do, but they are all marked up and way more expensive so... just let us enjoy Taiwan's ones will you? *waves fist*
Left with a huge bagful of items and took the train back home!
The dark blue seats are actually the train's priority seats. Please do not sit on them unless you are like.... senior citizen level because the locals will really judge you or scold you aloud. It happened to me once and I felt quite embarrassed because in Singapore, we are only told to give up the seat when people in need are present but if not it's okay to sit down on such seats.
In Taiwan, you just don't sit there unless you are 65 and above, pregnant or have a broken leg or some sort. Even then, you may still get criticised so don't say I didn't warn you lol!
And on the escalators in Taiwan, do keep to the right as good etiquette! Oh and queue for the trains in an orderly fashion please! Don't chiong in ah, very malu lol.
Ok, end of this entry hope it was useful for you! :D