Staycation at The Quincy Hotel

Last weekend I booked a room at The Quincy Hotel in celebration for the bf's 25th birthday on the recommendation of my colleague who said this hotel had many good reviews.
read reviews online and decided on this and not Hard Rock Hotel as I had wanted because of its close proximity to Orchard Road and my church (Sunday must go church!) plus the deal was quite good in my opinion because it included breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour and dinner + complimentary mini bar snacks and a bottle of red wine.
Booked the Qool Weekend package and total bill came up to around $337.
checked-in late because the bf was being an idiot at home and we almost missed the complimentary baking class which I had reserved places for as well.
stupid me kept thinking it was starting at 3pm but when we reached at 2.30pm, the staff told us the class was just about to begin.
so we didn't have lunch (hungry die me) and just headed straight in to the baking class!
anw will talk about the baking class below.
here's our room for the night!
Toilet came with a bath tub and shower plus it was see through at the tub haha! There's a screen that you can pull down if you're shy la.
Toiletries from Molten Brown
The closet which is situated directly beside the toilet door. Room came with hair dryer, iron and ironing board.
now, the baking class haha!
we made chocolate cupcakes :D
well basically all I did was eye-power i.e. do nothing while the bf did all the work haha!
but he insisted that whatever I did was quite fruitless so let him do la.
saves me from being tired anyway since we were doing everything by hand and not a mixer.
Our final product hahaha! I did the P Love M one plus the one in the yellow base. The 3rd one was done by the bf which he basically just added whatever that was on the table to the cupcake.
Group of bakers + our instructor (she's the one in black btw)
the cupcakes tasted fine actually! but we couldn't finish all la D:
so I only ate 1 despite being hungry because at that point, anything edible was good to go for me!
after being escorted to the room by one of the managers, we left to go out to Far East Plaza which was diagonally across to search for food.
tabao-ed sashimi from the Japanese stall on level 5!
we had chicken rice first and walked around just to wait for them to open for dinner.
Salmon Sashimi $12
Maguro Sashimi $15 
lazed around on the bed watching American Idol Season 12 and predicting who would enter the Top 10 and totally laughing at how stupid the judges' comments were.
I think the only credible judge was Keith Urban! love him and Nicole Kidman.
went down for our dinner at the cafe and it was seriously disappointing.
the lack of photos explains it all. sigh.
bf ordered red wine to go with his steak while I ordered a Singapore Sling. That's supposedly minestrone soup on the right by the way but look how watery it was :(
I was really upset when I went to collect the soup from the buffet table when I saw the staff heating up the salmon in the microwave.
while I understand that the amount of people eating at dinner can be quite large, but to see food being reheated again. SIGH.
it just doesn't feel the same knowing your food wasn't prepared on the spot.
true enough, my breaded chicken breast was tough and a shade darker than it usually would be, as if it was re-fried prior to serving me.
and bf's sirloin steak was really bland and tasteless.
we gave up after a few mouthfuls and went back to the room to soak in the bath tub.
thankfully we had the sashimi before coming down for dinner and we weren't all that hungry.
they were showing Ah Boys To Men Part 1 at their pool at 9pm but we skipped it because it was a movie that we had just watched recently.
now the next day we went down for breakfast and again, no pics because it was so blah again.
the spread wasn't very well cooked (really mushy scrambled eggs!! ewwwww ) and once again disappointed with the food served.
I headed to church after that while the bf went off for his weekly soccer session.
took a bus back to town after that to Quincy as we were only checking out at 3pm (part of the Qool Weekend package).
decided to skip lunch altogether at the hotel because of how bad the food was at dinner and breakfast D:
ate some snacks that we bought at the Korean store from Far East Plaza
checked-out and left after that haha. had dance class at 5pm so we hanged out in town.
my verdict? I probably won't return again :(
I'm just picky and had really high expectations for the hotel given that my cousin had raved about how nice the lunch was (she had tried it about a month ago).
the food was really not up to standard and I felt shortchanged for the amount I paid for.
should have just gone to somewhere that offered breakfast alone and paid lesser.
I did enjoy the baking class and room though.
and while I enjoyed the complimentary parking offered by the hotel, I couldn't understand why no one told us the ticket was a one time use only.
we got stuck at the gantry for 20 mins where I had to run back to the concierge to get another ticket and back to the gantry.
even worse, there was a car behind us and the cashcard got stuck in the machine.
so malu please. luckily the guy was a nice ang moh who didn't make alot of noise (imagine a Singaporean!!).
should have just booked somewhere else next time.
came back to work the next day and told my colleague about my experience and she was quite upset because she felt it was her fault for recommending it (I didn't blame her la!).
oh and my cousin did tell me to inform the staff that I was celebrating my bf's bday at the hotel and see if they would arrange for a complimentary cake.
was really sad they didn't despite me calling the day before to tell them.
so yeah that sums up my first staycation in Singapore.
next time, I will just save my $$ and book a chalet la LOL.
or... head to MBS/RWS. hinted the bf to do so for my bday in July! HAHAHA.