Selfridges Haul Part 1: Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer

Several weeks ago I blogged that I had purchased some items from Selfridges.
I am pleased to say that my order was successful and the package arrived at my doorstep intact with the correct items.
Here's the first part of my Selfridges haul. (Edit: Here is Part 2 of the haul.)
I picked up 2 of the Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Paradiso 07 and Summer Fling 04.
These are part of the Spring 2014 collection from Tom Ford and my first ever Tom Ford purchase!
I am not gonna lie, when I read this post from Rae of The RAEviewer, I knew I had to have at least one of them. And these lippies were popping up all over my IG feed.
My bff always says I cannot tahan when it comes to 2 words: Limited and Edition. It's like these words always trying to test my self-control and see if I can score such items to add to my collection. Hence I was on a mission to get hold of them. Plus at that point in time the Tom Ford Beauty counter in Singapore had not brought them in yet.
Super difficult for me to hold off the resistance and I finally decided, no Paula you cannot have all 8 of them because they are bloody expensive and you are in perpetual debt. Choose 2 and put the rest at the back of your mind lol. I originally wanted to get a third colour - Incorrigible which is a gorgeous fuchsia - but I held back because I think I have a dupe somewhere in my makeup drawer. So I ended up putting only 2 colours in the cart - Paradiso and Summer Fling. Yay me for my self-control! /pats self on back/
Okay, I digress. Chose to buy them from Selfridges even though they were more expensive (US is selling them for USD$49 versus £36 from Selfridges) because they were mostly sold out on all the US sites.
Then I added on some stuff from Charlotte Tilbury which I will show in another entry.
So here are the gorgeous Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers in Paradiso and Summer Fling.
Paradiso 07 is a gorgeous corally, warm toned pink. Perfect summer lip colour to be honest. Fairly opaque too, you'll have to build up the colour on the lips. It comes with a glossy sheen and glided on oh so smoothly on my arm as I swatched it.
Summer Fling 04 is a nudish, pinkish colour that is fairly light. I like it for a casual day out or when I put on some lip colour for work. It also has a glossy sheen and glided on very smoothly when I did the arm swatch.
Now you will definitely be able to find plenty of lip swatches online because of the huge furor caused when these lippies were released so I won't be showing any lip swatches.
My verdict? Overhyped. 
When I wore Paradiso out 2 days ago, it dried my lips out so badly I was practically flaking away at the end of the day. It emphasized all the lines on my lips that when I decided to give it a second chance the next day, I topped it up with a gloss to hide all the lip flaws....
...which defeats the purpose right?
Please don't get me wrong, I loved the colours I picked out, texture was emollient when I swatched it but how come when I put it on my lips it became so drying?! /stabs self/
UGH! I was pre-warned because I had read some reviews online stating so but I refused to believe it because so many people were raving about it? Got so suay anot get a lousy one or one that doesn't work for me? :(
(Edit: Summer Fling worked better on me than Paradiso! Now it's become one of my most reached lip colours to pair with my Dior lipgloss.)
Anyway, I'm still glad I picked them up for my makeup collection because what worth is it if you don't collect limited edition stuff right lol (excuses).
These Tom Ford beauties (yup, still beauties because the packaging is so prett-ay!) should be available at the Tangs counter and I did see some still available online at Selfridges' website.
Go check them out if you're keen!
Alrights, end of my review. Will be back soon with more makeup goodies! :D
Enjoy your weekend everybody.