River Safari to see Kai Kai & Jia Jia!

Excuse me while I interject this random post in between the travelogues.
I haven't had time to actually load the pictures of the last day to the blog and finish the series.
Am actually contemplating another trip in August back to Korea... for fangirling purposes >.<
We'll see how this works out hahaha ;)
So somewhere in the middle of March (I don't remember to be honest OTL) the bf and I headed to Singapore Zoo to see the pandas! Ok, River Safari. Fine.
Same la, they are side by side and since the River Safari isn't fully opened yet (I think they are still in the soft launch period even now), let's just call it the zoo.
Planned this randomly because we wanted to have a date before he headed back to Taiwan for vacation.
The downside of living together is that we never have quality time for each other :(
Ok, enough digression.
Had to pick my bro up from camp because my dad was overseas that morning so no one to pick him up when he booked out.
After sending him back we were hungry, so... we headed for brunch!
IMG_6171 IMG_6300
Selca and my face LOL! Ok la, I made the effort to put on more make-up (I know right go zoo only still put so much -.-")
Him enjoying dad's Lexus which is now... gone -.-
We went to Hatched at Evans Lodge because the last time we attempted to go there for brunch, they were closing already :/
Waited for awhile to get the table inside. They were originally gonna seat us outside but we insisted on sitting inside.
I ordered Chamomile tea. Wrong choice, wanted to sleep after that lol.
Smoked Royale $19
Sir Benedict $19
We super no creativity lol so we both had like poached eggs just that his had salmon and mine came with... ham I think? Ok I don't really remember.
Was it as awesome as everyone was raving? I'm sad to say... no :(
Very meh. I think the eggs benedict from Canopy at Bishan Park was nicer! And cheaper too hehehe.
Now we can't explore anymore brunch joints because my dad took back the car.
Maybe we'll wait till he goes overseas then we can go explore more.
Brunch is damn fun to go to but uberly sinful as well D:
Drove to the zoo after that and the weather was horrible!
I think the weather in Singapore is really atrocious. Weather gods really hate us :(
Bought tickets to the zoo + top-up of $5 to enter the River Safari to see the pandas.
At that time we had to buy tickets for a specific timeslot only to prevent any overcrowding.
Not too sure how it works now actually :X
I'm not planning to go to the River Safari anytime soon because I want to wait till everything is up and running (heard it'll be ready in Dec 2013) and go when it isn't the school holidays (to avoid the crowds).
So we hung around in the zoo to kill time before our time slot to see the pandas.
Picture overkill here. All animals lol.
Quite cute but very smelly to be honest
Some little girl was feeding them 'fish crackers' or keropok. I don't even....
White tiger
Gibbon? I think...
We stayed to watch the white tiger feeding.
Quite funny actually cos the keeper will lure the tigers into the water and you can see how they 'swim'.
Malaysian tapir
I think we were really bored of the zoo because there were hordes of tourists that day and the weather wasn't helping.
Plus it was quite some time before our timing to enter the River Safari so we bought dessert lol.
$3 each -.-" Inflation much
IMG_6213 IMG_6208
Yay we're going in!
IMG_6281 IMG_6279
Some fish that is found in the Yangtze River
Hi croc!
Another fish lol
Well River Safari is separated by the different rivers from all around the world.
So they exhibit animals that can be found either in the river or along/near the river.
The pandas are found in China's mountainous areas. Why they are 'found near the Yangtze River' I have no idea but nvm la, can see panda very happy already LOL!
IMG_6217 IMG_6214 IMG_6219
The pandas along with the red panda are housed in this air conditioned enclosure.
Super good life can! Sleep and eat in air conditioning D:
First animal you'll see when you enter is the Red Panda!
As you move along the trail you'll see the labs where they prepare the pandas' food along with their usual dietary needs.
Next life can I become a panda? :/
IMG_6225 IMG_6226
IMG_6229 IMG_6230 IMG_6220
Introducing the pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia!
IMG_6305 IMG_6306
Ta-dah this is... Kai Kai the male panda!
See how good his life is? Just sleep and nua. Unlike me... /emo/
Cute tushy dear panda! LOL Everytime I see anything panda related I'll think of... Seungri followed by Seungho LOL! #toomuchkpop
IMG_6237 IMG_6239
So as you walk past Kai Kai's enclosure you'll go past this place that has loads of information about pandas
Last one in this huge place is Jia Jia's enclosure! Who is.. antisocial :X
She was inside the entire time and so darn far from the visitors of the zoo!
So the staff actually set up a CCTV within Jia Jia's den to let the public see her through the screen.
Felt quite cheated that the pandas were so far away from us hahaha!
I mean I've seen them up close in Hong Kong (Ocean Park) and in Taiwan (Taipei Zoo) so I didn't really have to go and see the pandas here in Singapore....
But oh wells, it's for fun la.
Oh and did I mention the door to Jia Jia's den will close once the 15 mins is up to chase visitors away :/
Then as you come out from the Giant Panda House you'll find the cafe/restuarant or Mama Panda Kitchen lol.
Everything is panda related HAHA!
IMG_6304 IMG_6303
Suck tourists (and mine) money! Grrrrr
Ordered the fried dumplings cos we weren't that hungry
...and the $2.90 panda pau lol
Tastes really bad in my opinion. You're paying $2.90 to Instagram this only hahaha! Nothing else. After that can throw away already :X
Giant Panda Cappuccino. Also cheat $ one lol cos not nice
Bluff one LOL! Ok I'm just... irked that I got sucked in to try everything and it tasted blah.
He stood there for quite some time trying to 'talk' to the croc lol
Hello, are you listening to me?
Croc: *flaps arm* Go away!
Snake? LOL
And that.... concluded our less than 3 hours trip to the River Safari! LOL yup, just to see the pandas.
I should save some money in future and... look at Seungri. Cutest panda everrrrrrrr :D
After that we went home to nap before going out to meet the gang for dinner.
Hopefully I can go to the River Safari when it's 100% functional and open to public!
Till then.. no more animals for me.