Review: Rolling Rice

I hope no one is reading this at night lol.
But anyway, hello! I am in KL at the moment and even though I am mad exhausted, gonna go and type this out quickly before I KO.
So continuing on with the food theme because I'm all out to get fat and round like ball (no I am just kidding really), the bff introduced this place to me and Wanjun again last week.
Rolling Rice

6 Eu Tong Sen Street

#B1-49,The Central
Yup, Korean food! :D I was expecting like a really cosy and typical Korean restaurant but this place is actually located at The Central's basement area so it pretty much had a open air concept as opposed to an actual store. But it looked promising because I saw kimbap on the menu lol!!!
The place was pretty empty because the dinner crowd had not come in yet and we quickly ordered our food.
Was given the buzzer thingy you see above which is typical of Korean stores where you need to do self-collection and that was how Rolling Rice was too.
You order at the counter, pay, take the buzzer and your receipt, wait for the buzzer to buzz, go collect your food and voila, EAT!
The man who was tending at the cashier was a really nice Korean ahjussi, very polite and caring.
So thumbs up for good service!
Salmon & cheese and bacon & kimchi kimbap $8.80 (ordered as a set) 
Now this I had really high hopes for but alas it fell short of my expectations.
If you read my Korea blogs or know me personally, you'd know that I really really really really love my kimbap.
But the kimbap served here wasn't as yummy as I'd expected, could barely taste the bacon and kimchi while the salmon had bones in them.
Yes, I know salmon has bones in them but I really wasn't expecting to bite into a bone.
Pain one you know :/
Stone pot chicken bibimbap $9.80
The bibimbap also fell short because I didn't find the ingredients as nice as the normal ones I eat in local foodcourts.
Plus we added too little sauce so it was very dry. I had like 2 scoops and gave up eating it, leaving it to the other 2 to finish it up (oops!)
Rolling chicken $8.80
After 2 very disappointing dishes, I didn't have much hope for this one too lol.
Sorry, just.... negativity ah.
But I was wrong! The chicken was damn nice, like KFC's popcorn chicken.
And fried tteokbokki! Who would have thought of that!
I really enjoyed this dish and if given the chance, I'll buy this again and not share.
Final dish that we ordered was cheese tteokbokki!
Cheese tteokbokki $8.80
This was really yummy too! But word of caution, do try and eat it while it is warm because the cheese will still be all gooey and sticky.
When it has turned cold already it's really not that nice (think dry and tough cheese haha).
I found the meal to be alright and the pricing a little expensive in my opinion because most of the dishes are just normal Korean street food.
But nevertheless, I did enjoy the good company and the food faired not too bad in my opinion because of the impeccable service we received from the nice ahjussi.

Afterwards we headed to Shaw Tower at Beach Rd to have ice cream haha! Like a stupid because I was so near home already at The Central but I went further up just to have ice cream at Tom's Palette. Then on the way we were laughing about the salted egg joke from The Lion Men and because our favourite flavour from Tom's Palette is salted egg yolk we had even more laughs thanks to it. Ended the night with a full tummy and went home to KO. It's a really bad habit that I keep going out so often after work and not even planning for my new room. I heard my dad has already moved into the new place while I still have yet to even order a bed :/ Anyway, last day in KL tomorrow before going back to SG then 1 more day left till my HK trip! I can't wait to write my entries already for my HK trip :P Oh, and I wanna get a new photography set-up in my new room. We'll see how it goes but for now, annyeong~