Review: & 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Delivery

TGIF everybody!! *\O/*
Sorry for the lack of updates (what's new -.-) because I've been busy moving house.
House is still in a mess and resembles the aftermath of a tornado but it's livable.
And because we're no longer a 5 min walk away from any food places (nearest one is a 15 minute walk away and bloody expensive zi char prices too!), my dad has taken to cooking dinner every night.
So last night le chef aka the father had to entertain some clients for dinner hence the bf and I were left to settle our own dinner.
Didn't feel like dropping by the mall to tabao any food home because I was dead beat after work so I decided to order from foodpanda. Yay to the internet and food delivery lol!
First time trying out this service and I was impressed to find several restaurants that I didn't know even had delivery.
I mean when you think of food delivery in Singapore, the first thing that comes into mind is the usual fast food and pizza chains.
But restaurants like Nihon Mura, 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, Brinda's and even Marble Slab Ice Cream was listed on foodpanda's website. I didn't even know these restaurants did delivery la and they are all compiled into a single website - so convenient!
Another thing to mention is the ease of ordering from foodpanda.
1. Type in your postal code
2. Look for the restaurant of your choice (those that deliver to your area will be listed). foodpanda will also tell you details like delivery time, min order and delivery fees at this stage so you can decided whether you'd like to order from that restaurant.
3. Add your selected food to cart from your choice of restaurant then proceed to checkout
4. Input your details, pay or select cash on delivery then wait for your food to appear!
Ok back to my food.
Being the lazy Singaporean, I asked the bf what he wanted to eat and placed an order for.....4 Fingers Crispy Chicken! Ok my first choice was Nihon Mura but my order went wonky at the checkout and the foodpanda staff actually called me and asked if I wanted to proceed or cancel the order. But I said just cancel and settled for having 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken instead.
Placed the order before I left the office because delivery time was said to be 1h 30min and I thought why not just order first then by the time I reach home I don't have to wait that long for it! (I take approx 40-50 mins to get home from my office).
foodpanda also left me an sms as order confirmation which I thought was a nice gesture.
Delivery fee was super steep though at $10 (some of the restaurants had cheaper delivery fees) and most of the restaurants listed had a minimum order (4 Fingers' one was $30) but I thought 'what the heck la, I don't have to go to town and queue and then go home to eat. So mafan pls!'.
Anyway, the bf told me the food had arrived after 40 mins of placing the order lol.
SUPER FAST!!! Thank goodness he was at home, imagine if no one was in then how?  I was still on the bus home leh.
He also told me it was a foodpanda staff who delivered the food, not staff from 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken.
Onto the food peektures!
Chicken (3 pcs) Rice Box $8.74
Seaweed red pepper skinny fries and 2 portions of kimchi skinny fries $1.70 each
Calamari & shrimp $8.74
I love the chicken from 4 Fingers!
I've always been a strong supporter of food delivery because both the bf and I are extremely lazy people lol (Case in point: There is a McDonald's outlet so near us (~ 10-15mins walk away) but we still choose to pay for delivery and wait that 1 hour odd of waiting time!) which makes foodpanda quite a good website to visit if you want to try something new for food delivery.
Maybe I will use it again for an order of Nihon Mura when I'm feeling lazy.
But I wish the list of restaurants available for delivery would expand further and that the website be more user friendly i.e. allow users to view as large icons instead of listing down as a list because I had to slowly scroll down one by one to view. Maybe next time I will use their app instead to order my food, should be easier to see.
Plus, maybe invest in a food carrier bag thingy that keeps the food warm (bf's suggestion) since it's the foodpanda staff doing the deliveries instead of the individual restaurants doing so. Looks nicer also haha! I always like to watch the McDonald's delivery guy open up his backpack to give me my food :P
Nevertheless, enjoyed our dinner at home - him playing games, me watching Running Man on my iPad in the comfort of my home munching on chicken wings and fries - and best thing is, no need to do the dishes!! Except for that plate I used to put my fries on wtf.
Ahhhh the wonders of food delivery to your doorstep.
Do let me know if you have tried foodpanda's service or something!
Till my next entry, annyeong! :D