Ramblings of the week

Myungsoo says 'Hi everybody!' :)
So do I lol.
It's Monday and I'm having a serious case of Monday blues right now even though I'm knocking off work in approximately 1 and a half hours more.
But still, it's Monday so let's just all be sad and emo haha!
I've been really lazy since my last makeup posts because I've been doing tons of organizing lately.
I don't live in a huge place so space is really constrained especially when my collection is getting out of hand recently (I blame my Korea trip and the internet for it! LOL!).
Reorganized my nail polishes with these 90 bottle nail polish racks from Amazon which escalated into quite an issue with my freight forwarding company.
Thankfully the shipping issues were ironed out and I got my hands on these babies!
Except... I ran out of space :3 #makeupaddictpains
Transferring all my nail polishes to the rack and arranging by brand and colour. Extremely OCD Paula haha!
Final outcome! And as you can see, 2 racks weren't enough so I went down to buy another one from DYON at *scape yesterday.
Shoved them into a little area between my cupboard and my bed.
A little review here.
These acrylic racks are mad expensive in my opinion but so sturdy my bf has been kicking them on a daily basic by accident and so far nothing bad has happened (if it did I'd prob castrate him and make him buy me new ones LOL!)
The usual nail polishes like OPI, China Glaze, Sally Hansen bottles fit quite nicely and the rack also fits all my higher ended brand polishes like my Chanel Le Vernis, Dior Le Vernis, NARS and M.A.C bottles quite well too.
I like to see my nail polishes at a glance because I have simply too many and if I don't see them at once, I'd probably keep repeating the same old colours and ignoring the rest which isn't good lol.
I used to store my polishes in plastic racks from Daiso (I had 7 of them and still they were overflowing).
Have since given those Daiso racks to my mum to store her makeup hehehe.
Didn't feel safe about mounting them onto the wall because firstly I have no space and secondly I was mad afraid they'd come tumbling down.
Paid approximately $80SGD for each of them incl shipping after getting a discount from the freight forwarding company.
The third one which I bought from DYON at *scape is retailing at $65SGD.
Moving on, my haul from theBalm Cosmetics 50% off sale finally came!
After so long /cries a Hangang river/ T.T
I had been camping on their website on 1 April when they launched their new website but alas it crashed -.-"
My life always involves in me wanting to camp online for something and the website ALWAYS crashes #thisstinks. Sigh.
So managed to get tons of highly raved items worth about $600USD and paid $300USD only hehehe xD Good job Paula! :)
I do know this brand is available at Sasa in Singapore but hell no am I buying it locally because they're expensive.
They do provide overseas shipping so do look out for their next sale, which is probably on Black Friday.
Organized my lippies and glosses into separate drawers because they were getting too full in 1 drawer :/
Hehe check out my Revlon Lip Butter stash and the Wet N Wild lipsticks
Food porn from lunch one day at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
I know this is damn old news but Singapore got covered in haze from the burning of forests in Indonesia till a point where you couldn't really breathe clean air.
Every cubic centimeter of air smelt of smoke and visibility was at its lowest.
Took these pics on the ECP on the day the PSI reading hit the highest wtf.
Looks like an apocalypse in Singapore!
This was at 12pm
Singapore Flyer barely there too
Thankfully the haze cleared up and we're back to breathing clean and fresh air! :D
A close colleague of mine left the company 2 weeks ago :(
IMG_8588 IMG_8593
Treated her the pudding from Paris Baguette
Went to Asia Style Collection 2013 at Expo the previous Saturday!
After missing 2NE1's concert last December, I have been hitting myself in the head over it.
Thankfully the concert made up for and I saw my gorgeous Bommie unnie and real live Park Sisters action!
Entrance to the booths was free
Slogans from fansites!
Fashion show started close to 1 and a half hour late!
My 2nd generation 2NE1 lightstick! 1st time using it hehe.
MY PARK SISTERS LOVEEEEEEEEEEE :D Bommie hugged Dara at the end of I Am The Best! Yay!
I haven't uploaded pics from my camera but I wouldn't be posting any of them because they're for my own personal collection lol!
Too lazy to watermark all of them so you'll just have to make do with that 1 picture.
The whole concert ended super late, like close to 12 midnight and I was starving by then!
Cabbed home and concussed because I had to wake up for church the next morning.
Leaving you with food pics from The Soup Restaurant because the bf and I rarely eat chinese cuisine when we're out unless we're with my dad.
Hometown Tofu - skip this. Quite meh in my opinion.
Poached Baby Spinach with Conpoy in Century & Salted Eggs Stock
One of our favorites :P
Samsui Ginger Chicken! Super yummy please order!
Ok bye thanks for reading! :D