OPI Big Apple Red + Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Set The Stage

Hey all :) I painted my nails yesterday after sooooooooo long!
Ok a couple of weeks at least because my nails were very brittle after I removed my previous nail colour and I wanted to condition them even though they were in a very cui state D: ('cui' means bad condition in Singlish lol!)
My toenails are in even worse shape hence still letting them recover to their former glory haha!
I trimmed my nails down to the bare minimum because my nails were breaking and all.
Usually do that only when my nails started to crack about once every 2-3 months and I knew I couldn't prolong the length of the nails anymore.
So had to go 'naked' literally with my nails for 2 weeks and that's like very rare for me because I love my polishes!
Couldn't tahan ('tahan' means endure in Singlish) it yesterday and decided to paint them even though they are very short right now.
Went with a simple and bright red colour - OPI Big Apple Red NL N25 - because red is my favourite colour!
Layered Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Set The Stage because I wanted to layer some glitter over the red colour.
This glitter polish is one of the few Sally Hansen polishes I own and is a polish with large and small gold glitter in a clear base.
Very pretty although more glitter would have been better!
Had to literally 'fish' out the glitter to pack onto my nails else the glitter wouldn't show up.
Nail 'ingredients'
Final outcome:
2 coats of red and..... alot of glitter which I had trouble taking it out of the bottle lol
This OPI polish is one of my favourite reds and goes on smoothly.
I had no trouble putting it onto my nails and could have made do with 1 coat but I'm the sort who likes to put on a minimum of 2 coats just to be safe haha!
OCD la, cannot help it.
Base coat from Poshe, top coat from Seche Vite.
Ok that's all folks, till the next manicure adventure!