New blog URL

Hello! Omg my first entry on this blog :D Welcome~ Sorry it took me so long to get this sorted out, this site has actually been live for a few months just that I didn't go around publicising that I'm using this URL now oops. I changed my host and the switch really screwed up my layout and picture quality of my previous blog posts so I still am actually in the midst of re-uploading everything and sorting out the layout. It's really a pain in the butt to do everything from scratch and getting used to this hosting site now after using my previous host for so many years! But the majority of the issues have been settled hence the decision to launch the site. Take it like a soft launch ya? HAHA.

Firstly, I wanna thank my friend Carol from The Exquisistic Box who helped do up the blog layout for me! Hehe.

She put in a lot of hard work, doing this for the sake of our friendship (LOLOL!) and all the constant nagging from me and guilt-tripping before she did up the layout worked. And then it was her turn to get me to edit all the nitty gritty stuff like the picture quality issues I mentioned earlier on O.O Wah lau I was super stressed ok.

Initially wanted to launch before 2014 ended up but alas, I jetted off to Korea for a 2 week holiday heh and when I returned I had to go to Taiwan for a work trip which resulted in the super long delay once more. I finally got down to doing all the editing just this week and yay, super efficient me managed to do like 70% of them already.



As you know I use the username 'paulalogy' on most of my social media network accounts save for Twitter (sorry, @paula0713 was my inspiration from Donghae's Twitter ID hor so cannot change because I got the Twitter account because of him hahaha! #fangirl) so when Carol egged me to get a dot com for my blog, we decided to use

My blog is mobile friendly so you can still read it on the go and I'm very satisfied with how this space of mine turned out both on the computer as well as on the mobile version. Of course we will still be doing periodic adjustments to the layout whatsoever as and when so yeah if there are any issues please let me know through the comments section TIA!

Anyway, to thank Carol for her hard work I sent her a box of makeup to spruce up her life lol. I swear she hasn't bought that much makeup in one sitting (I have though!) and she totally squealed with happiness when she received it. I can understand how she feels because this is how I feel each time I open a package from wherever I've ordered makeup from hahaha!


My plan was to gift her various items covering base, cheeks, eyes and lip products and I think I covered them quite well. With the exception of the Laneige x push Button, IOPE BB Cushion pacts and some benefit items which were what she asked me to help her buy/prizes from IG competitions, the rest were all products I've used and liked alot. So those items were bought by me and I placed everything in a Sephora giftbox (filled to the brim as you can see) to ease the friend bringing all these items over to her in Paris.


She's always telling me how Asian brands and the US brands are madly priced in France so I decided that I would not include any EU brands because it's more easily available there so why bother right. Was majorly excited to see her reaction when she received all the items, so happy that she liked all the stuff I picked out.


Particularly was the Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Toasted Sugar because I knew she really wanted this but couldn't bear to pay the exorbitant prices at Galeries Lafayette - not that TANGS is selling Tom Ford cheaply but it's definitely way lesser than what she would have paid in Europe man! - so I bought it specially for her. I don't even own any TF nail lacquers and I actually bought it for her lol so can you see how much I love her.


Anyway, going to end this post abruptly because I don't know what else to say. It'll be bittersweet for me to say goodbye to my old blog but hey 旧的不去新的不来 so let's hope I shake off any lingering feelings for the old blog soon! Let's have more fun here and create a ton of memories here instead! :)

Will definitely be more hardworking in my blogging so do bear with me if I go off for long periods with no updates - I have a full time job too T.T

You can most definitely find me on IG or any other platforms else just leave a comment in the comments section.

Till next time, bye!