Life so far...

Hey all!
Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been really swamped at work T.T
No wait I should just say I'm really busy outside work lol.
So many things has happened and can you imagine that June is already coming to and end?!
WHERE DID ALL THAT TIME GO?! Oh gosh 岁月不饶人 I'm telling you.
So June has been good thus far in my personal life aspect, not the working aspect.
That one has been on a downhill since... I dunno when.
The bf and I celebrated our 7th anniversary a couple of weeks back.
No special celebration because we had to attend a poly classmate's wedding that day plus he was flying off the following day back to Taiwan.
He even told me that we'll celebrate in July during my birthday la since the dates are so near.
Ok lor >.< /emo one corner/
Big date it was cos we realised another couple who are friends of ours went through their ROM that day too and it was Huat's birthday that night too lol.
We dress up pretty well when need be haha! Please pardon his stupid face lol
Yup so our first ever 'red bomb' - Yimei's wedding!
It was good to actually meet up with the poly classmates after so long and all the stupid nonsense never change please hahaha!
And here's the joke of 2013: Eelin and I wore the same dress in the same colour. Plus we were sitting at the same table.
Ok can lol. Megagamie want to give us free clothes anot? We're very big fans lololol~!
It was shocking for me at first.. then I got over it... maybe. I was quite pai seh la to be honest but... nvm la hahaha! I did wear the bf's jacket for the photos so we didn't look like we were wearing the same dress.
I was telling Eelin we now look like Yimei's bridesmaids and coincidentally, the 3 of us were actually in the same FYP group back in poly.
Pseudo bridesmaids
Some of the classmates! Whom I haven't met in ages too.
Old habits never change HAHAHAHA!
Yimei and her husband Raymond. Congrats girl, happy for you :)
Wedding started a little later as do all chinese wedding dinners and food was nice!
Good job Pan Pacific! Only thing was that more attention to refilling of drinks please?
Had to wave like crazy to get the staff's attention.
Not many pics of the food cos I was just giving Adabelle live updates via Whatsapp lol cos she's in Australia still and couldn't get back in time.
With the SPBP Mentoring peeps at Yimei's wedding. Not all of our batch but it was good to see all of you! :D
After that a group of us (Cass, Huat, Alan, Qf, Marce and myself) went to MBS to have a round of drinks.
Simply cos we haven't met each other in ages and it was Huat's birthday so go and celebrate a little with him LOL!
The things they do when together. Esp Alan lol
Stayed for probably a round of beer before heading back home.
Mad exhausted and I had to wake up for church the next day.
Nevertheless made it to church and we were suppose to go to Gardens By The Bay but the bf was lazyyyyyyyyy! Grrrrrrrrr.
He ended up playing games the whole time I was so mad angry!
But nvm la it's over already.
Anw he's like already back from Taiwan so that's how backdated this entry ok.
Shall try and be back with more makeup reviews!
I reorganized my makeup mess!
Tons and tons of things to share with you guys HAHAH!
Ok bye!
Love-hate relationship with you :) LOL