Korea Travelogue: Round-up




Day 1: Gimpo to Jeju - Hallasan - Black Pork BBQ

Day 2: Seongsan Ilchulbong - SeopjikojiJusangjeolli Cliff - Seonimgyo Bridge - Teseum Safari - Mysterious Road

Seoul (Part 1)

Day 3: Ewha Women's University - Hongik University

Day 4: DMZ Tour - Itaewon - Banana Tree Cafe - Klive - Yoogane

Day 5: Stylenanda - COEX Mall - SMTOWN at COEX Mall

Day 6: Garosu-gil - Myeongdong

Day 7: Nami Island - Infinite Dongwoo's family restaurant

Day 8: Bukchon - Insadong - Cube Studio Cafe

Day 9: Infinite Forest/Yeouido Hangang Park - Cafe J Holic - Loco Quan 401 restaurant

Day 10: Myeongdong - Lotte Mart - Hyehwa


Day 11: Seoul to Busan - Haeeundae Beach - Angel D.O.X dog cafe - Cat Cafe - Gwangalli Beach

Day 12: Gamcheon Cultural Village

Seoul (Part 2)

Day 13: Lotte World - The Min's Cafe

Day 14: The Min's Cafe - Miss Gong Tteokbokki - NIT Coffee - Seoga & Cook - Bau Haus - Infinite Seongyeol's BBQ Chicken restaurant

Day 15: Isaac Toast - Namsan Tower/N Seoul Tower


Can I just say first and foremost how happy am I to pen finish the entire trip's journey that I took at the end of 2014/early 2015. Can't believe it took me almost 5 months to edit and write out all these entries as a keepsake here on the blog. Hope everyone isn't too annoyed with how long I took HAHAHAHA (I know the GZBs were and Carol also -.-") Anyway, I am hoping that these entries will be useful to whoever is looking to plan a free and easy trip to Korea. It is not too difficult in my opinion so you're definitely safe if you do sufficient planning.

Also would like to make an announcement here hahaha!

I will be embarking on another trip to Korea in May 2016 (tickets already booked so definitely have to go lol) and planning to go on the off-beaten track this time instead of going the usual joints in Seoul, Busan and Jeju island to explore other cities of Korea. So if anyone is keen to collaborate with me for the upcoming trip or have suggestions on other places in Korea that you think I should visit, please drop me an email or leave a comment below!

Till my next travel adventures, bye!