Korea Travelogue: Oakwood Premier Incheon Review


Hey everyone! Just a short review on the hotel Oakwood Premier Incheon that we picked for our 2 night stay at Songdo, Incheon. Songdo has been touted as a "new smart city" so there are practically no guesthouses/AirBnbs available here and only business hotels to cater to the business visitors in the Songdo area so prices are definitely on the high side.

We selected Oakwood based on the fact that it is directly opposite Central Park and it had a Lotte Hypermart next to it (LOL!), making it a very centralised location for us to do all the activities in Songdo which will be covered in a separate entry entirely.



There is a direct airport bus that drops you off at the doorstep to the hotel from Incheon Airport so you don't have to worry about taking the subway from the airport - now that would be hell because the subway entrance is quite a distance away (~5-8 mins on foot) from the hotel and dragging my luggage on the pavement tirelessly is not the best way to start my holiday.


Here's a look at our Superior Twin room with extra bed - we booked from Agoda by the way!


Kitchen area that is equipped with cooking area, refrigerator, microwave and even a washing machine for you to do your laundry


Bathroom comes with a bath tub and separate shower area


The room is very spacious as well! The extra bed was placed next to the other 2 beds and we also had a small sofa corner with table in which I dumped all my personal belongings on it because the vanity area was taken up by the rest.


View from our room overlooks Central Park Songdo


Songdo is currently undergoing a lot of construction to build more buildings - you can see plenty of vast empty areas where the land is probably slated to have a condominium/premium apartment built on it.

And that's it! I have to say that this hotel is very accessible if you just want to explore the Songdo/Incheon vicinity although I would have preferred the subway to be closer to it but hey, 5-8 minutes on foot is alright by me. Plus Central Park is just opposite the hotel and food is easily available at the stretch of cafes/restaurants diagonally across the hotel. If all else fails, you can always hop by Lotte Mart next door and buy some groceries back to cook in your room :)