Korea Travelogue: Day 9 Mecenatpolis & CaFace


Hi everyone! OMG it is August 2017 liao /cue cricket sounds/ SORRY for just lagging in my travelogue entries, as usual, life got the better hold of me and I just don't have time to sleep. I actually did a trip to Seoul & Busan last month with my mother for some mother-daughter bonding but I had no intention to dedicate an entire travelogue series to it because I haven't even finished this one I started in 2016 lol.

Anyway, will try and get this blog (and maybe my life) more lively because I'll have more time after this week to focus on myself since I'm taking a year off work to be a full-time student :D



We began the journey back to Seoul early in the morning because all the other timings were sold out so we were left with only the morning KTX train.

Tip: Avoid buying KTX tickets last minute on weekends because they will be sold out. Either buy ahead of time or shift your travelling day to a weekday where lesser people will go back to Seoul.

Breakfast at the Paris Croissant inside Busan KTX station before we boarded the train bound for Seoul. Journey is close to 3 hours so do remember to buy some snacks and drinks to keep yourself full for the trip.

Reached Seoul station and the weather was TERRIBLE D: Look at that gloomy sky sheesh. We took the metro and headed to Hapjeong Station which is where our AirBnb was located.

AirBnb link: https://www.airbnb.com.sg/rooms/9268154

I found the AirBnb to be very clean and location-wise it was fantastic because it's located next to the metro exit and opposite the Mecenatpolis mall which has many eateries and also a hypermart. Other plus points include the convenience store located below the building the AirBnb is situated, there is post office just 5 minutes walk away and the airport bus stop is also about 5-10 minutes from the building. Owner was very accommodating to my requests to do an early check-in and late check-out  plus she helped us order jjajangmyeon delivery xD

BTW Mecenatpolis is were the Infinite dorm is located and the GZBs and I were very excited to know we were living so near our idols HAHAHAHAHA!

Headed over to the mall after we left our luggages in the AirBnb to search for lunch. Went in search for Andong Jjimdak (Andong braised chicken) so that was what we had for lunch before going to the Home Plus hypermart after that to do some shopping!

Yup all in long sleeves once again because it was raining like mad and the temperature dipped the entire day :(

Daehan, Minguk and Manse canned tuna anyone? ^^

Combined haul for the 3 of us! Do remember that Korea supermarkets do not provide plastic bags so you either have to purchase one on the spot or bring along an extra bag to store all your goods.

Although it was still raining heavily then, we decided to stick to our itinerary which is to go cafe hopping and shopping in Hongdae. Hongdae is just 1 metro stop away from Hapjeong so the location is SUPER convenient.

Spotted in SPAO although they no longer endorse SPAO (yes yes, cos I'm uploading like a snail, I know LOL)


서울시 마포구 서교동 358-51

First stop in Hongdae was CaFace which is a cafe that specializes in selfie iced drinks. Actually now that I've tried the drinks, I think it's pretty normal and quite expensive for the selfies to be printed on to the iced beverages (additional KRW 2,000 per drink to add the selfie).

There is a special corner in the cafe for you to go take the selfies and it will be sent to some machine to be added onto your iced beverage. Totally no Meitu or filter available so please remember to put on your best face before taking the selfie :D

Because we all wanted our own drink so we took 3 different selfies and printed them onto our drinks #exdieus

I don't think I would go back for a second time unless my friends specifically ask to try the printed selfie drinks. As I mentioned earlier on, it is quite pricey for a normal drink so... best to decide for yourself if this is indeed worth the money!

After leaving CaFace we went to hail a taxi to Mokran for dinner but the restaurant was full house and do not accept walk-ins as they are booked months ahead :(

Lucky for us they had a free slot later on in the week for dinner so we quickly put our names down but we left with empty stomachs and decided to just head back to the AirBnb as it was still raining cats and dogs then.

Ordered takeaway Chinese food through our AirBnb host (I communicate with her via Kakao Talk) and she did the ordering for us since we'd be totally helpless over the phone lol. If anyone knows of the Korean equivalent of Deliveroo or foodpanda please leave a comment below and let me know of it so I can do the ordering on my own in future!

Ended the night with jjajangmyeon and tangsuyeok!