Korea Travelogue: Day 8 Taejongdae & Nampo-dong


Second day in Busan started off with us searching for breakfast. Found this atas looking Kimbap Heaven behind the bus stop that we had to board to head to Taejongdae and decided to settle our breakfast there.

Bff and I ordered our standard cheese ramen because it only taste da best in Korea xD

Stella had the tonkatsu and we shared 2 rolls of kimbap among the 3 of us. Boarded bus no. 101 to Taejongdae at the bus stop directly outside Kimbap Heaven and voila, ended up at Taejongdae in about 50 mins. Look out for the 태종대 word at the bus route stated at the bus stops for confirmation.

Entrance to Taejongdae is free of charge BUT lazy asses like us paid KRW 2,000 each to get a ticket for the Danubi Train which brings you to different spots within the park itself. You can definitely explore Taejongdae on foot but..... it would really be very tiring lol.

Danubi Train

Ours was the 8th train so we had to wait for our train to arrive. The staff will inform via loudspeaker/signs which train is currently boarding passengers.

We got off at the first stop because we spotted this small observatory and alighted to take pictures there.

Later on we carried on upwards to the next train stop where you can go down this path to the lighthouse.

By then you'd get the whole experience of being blown by the wind and up close to the lighthouse.

This empty piece of rock land was where we wanted to head to so we kept walking downwards...

And the wind grew even heavier D: See my new hairstyle lol

It was terrible to catch the timing to take a nice picture....

I had to filter through several pictures before getting a normal looking one HAHAHAHA

It happened to all 3 of us so no one was spared really ^^

So chio lor D: Anyway, I'm wearing the magic stockings that every Korean girl was wearing then. Remember that this was May 2016, so I honestly do not know if the trend still exists now. Guess I'll have to confirm it again on my next trip in July then heh.

Sorry GZBs, I tried to save your images liao but since I'm going down also we should all be in it together HAHAHAHAHA!

Finally made it onto the rock land and our hair were all in chaos hahaha!

Yup we TRIED to take a decent photo but...nope wind didn't cooperate at all. And somehow only our hair were affected (?) lol.

I was trying to vlog our whole experience at Taejongdae but the wind ruined all my commentary. Nevertheless, here's the vlog with alot of background music LOL

Left Taejongdae at around 1pm and decided to take a bus back to Busan Station before switching to the metro to get to Nampo-dong for lunch.

Chanced upon this Baskin Robbins store and spotted Joongki oppa :)

Ended up taking pictures with his window display HAHAHAHA The power of Capt Yoo Sijin!

Took the metro from Busan Station to Nampo Station. Popped by this Gentle Monster flagship store to grab my first pair of GM sunglasses :D :D :D :D

Coolest store layout and display. I cannot wait to head to Seoul this July to the Garosugil flagship store and pick up another pair of sunglasses!

My very first (and expensive) pair of Gentle Monster sunnies :D

Walked down Gwangbok-ro to this store called 부산족발 that sells 'pig feet'. It's one of the famous stores in Nampo selling 족발/jok-bal and we wanted to try this for lunch. I'm sure the crowd outside the store at 3pm on a weekend is testament to its popularity as a good food store! There are also a ton of past tv appearances listed outside its store window so many celebrities have visited this restaurant to try their food.


부산족발 Busan Jok-bal

35-5 Bupyeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

Full house at 4pm O.O

The feast we ordered for 3 adults - jok-bal (small portion) and naeng-chae (small portion) along with 2 rice.

This is the naeng-chae or 냉채 which is a mix of vegetables, strips of jok-bal and jellyfish.

We LOVEDDDDDDD the jok-bal because it tasted so amazing together with the garlic! The meat is very tender actually and not tough as say.... the pork knuckle from Germany? But be aware that you'll have garlic breath for at least 1 more day because despite us trying to pop as much mints and brushing our teeth longer the smell lingered LOL.

We left afterwards and went around shopping, mostly in the makeup road stores (I remember going into Moonshot and banila co to pick up some items) before heading back to our AirBnb to rest and nua. Headed out in the late evening to Busan Station to buy our KTX tickets for the next day to Seoul and also to tabao some dinner back.

Ordered Kyochon Chicken and also went to this noodle store to tabao a bowl of noodles back because we tried to go there for lunch that day but the queue was so darn long and it killed us to not know how nice the noodles were HAHAHA. So yes, in order to satisfy our curiosity we went to order 1 bowl to share.


초량밀면 Choryang Milmyeon

Choryang-dong 363-2, Dong-gu, Busan, Korea

The bff and Stella loved this noodles ALOT. They specifically gave me instructions to highly recommend this noodle store to all my blog readers! So here's their recommendation ah. In my opinion, it was not too bad but maybe cos I don't like spicy food so this wouldn't have been at the top of my must-eat list.

Ohhh also had this pre-made pumpkin porridge from Bonjuk that I bought the night before at dinner. I always love having this porridge because PUMPKIN IS AWESOME but when you have it in a bowl as large as the one they serve at Bonjuk, it gets very jelat when I'm 1/3 into the bowl only so this pre-made version at 270g is small enough for me to not feel jelat #doublewin

Ok and that concludes our short stay in Busan. The entries from now on will all be in Seoul since we stayed there all the way till our return to Singapore.

Till then, annyeong! :D