Korea Travelogue: Day 6 - Myeongdong Shopping

Day 6 itinerary
  • Korean Porridge (Breakfast)
  • Shopping at Myeongdong
  • Kimbab Heaven (Lunch)
  • Shopping at Myeongdong
  • Two Two Fried Chicken (Dinner)
If I had 1 word to describe what we did on this day in Korea, it'd be this: SHOPPING
And if I had another choice to choose, it'd be either MAKEUP or FML. You'll see why later on OTL
So when we were planning for the trip right, we hadn't factored in any days for shopping at Myeongdong because it's so near us, we figured we'd probably not need that much time there.
WRONG. I tell you, if it's your first time in Korea and you're travelling with girls, just allocate 1 entire day there.
We shopped from morning till 10pm D: NON-STOP.
I'd already experienced this the last trip and was mentally prepared already. Even got my wallet ready because if I had to list all my vices, it'd be these: K-pop, makeup and nail polishes. Oh and Scrump and Woodstock.
Wah lau then Myeongdong's streets already had like 3 of my weaknesses everywhere. SOBS.
Ok, enough talking, not much pictures for that day. Had to kope alot from Lirong's pictures because I think by then I'd given up on taking pictures, just chiong for my stuff.
Now if only I'd been that enthusiastic in my studies :/
OOTD! Dress from Agneselle from one of their CNY collections and my layering top which I abandoned at lunch cos it was damn warm by then. No makeup too because I wanted to like ensure all the makeup to come will match my skin colour to a T.
 We ran out of ideas for breakfast!
Initially wanted to buy sandwiches from Smoothie King but they weren't ready so we decided to have porridge instead lol.
IMG_7935 IMG_7943
Bff and my favorite chips! It's not available in the SG outlets. WHY, SMOOTHIE KING, WHY!?
I bought a few packs back for her and myself lol
So expensive all their porridge :/
Everyone ordered one to have enough fuel and chiong for shopping LOL Qiu's set not in picture
Here's where we went to: The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Etude House, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, Banila Co, Missha, Innisfree, Laniege, Clio. Only called it a night after Clio but while in Clio everyone was running elsewhere to go and buy stuff they forgot to buy. I think I was the only one who stayed constantly in Clio LOL. Of course, I bought the most in Clio among all of us too ORZ
In The Face Shop our first stop
1st store only so much things T.T
Had to constantly run off to find free WIFI to ask people back in SG what they wanted cos some things that are available in SG may not be available in Korea.
I think 80% of the things I bought here were for others and not myself so stop judging me and my bags ROFL.
In Etude House. Onew's (my bias) perfume stinked so badly I couldn't bring myself to buy it LOL Etude House if you want to earn my $ please change his fragrance!
From 3 stores (Face shop, Nature Republic & Etude House) only. Juyin's, Lirong's and my stuff.
Afterwards we had to head back to the guesthouse to drop our stuff because it was too much already!
My Face Shop stuff already weighed a ton! Can you imagine how I had to carry the things after we went to Nature Republic (another big bag cos alot of people asked me to buy stuff for them) and Etude House (all my things only heng ah)?
Lunch at Kimbab Heaven because we were starving by then.
Different variety of food but kimbab is definitely on our table! LOL that's how much we loved it. I think I'm gonna lay off kimbab for awhile right now.
Rabokki (Ramen + tteokbokki) that we shared
I brought my hand carry luggage out at lunch because I figured we'd probably buy alot more things and carrying it with our hands was out of the question.
So yeah, thank goodness I had that to help with all the carrying of makeup.
Everyone's stuff was literally in my bag hahaha!
Not much pics for the second half of the day because all we did was shop for cosmetics non-stop.
No rest stop at all so that was how hardcore we were LOL
Very focused girls xD
And yes I think I influenced alot of them to buy stuff in the stores simply because I had used alot of Korean cosmetics before and I could recommend stuff to them which I thought were good.
Poor Lirong was the most easily influenced that's why if you compare the things we bought, most of them are quite similar LOL! Oops :P
I'm a good salesperson! #gotpotential
Any makeup brands wanna sponsor me more things? :P I can convince alot of people to buy ROFL
By the time we called it a day it was almost 10pm and only Juyin and I were hungry (wah lau we forever hungry leh fat die us) so we decided to tapao fried chicken.
And here comes the funny thing: Juyin thought Lirong wanted to share the chicken with us while I thought Kee was sharing the chicken with us so we ordered for 3 persons.
And then when we went back.. only 2 of us ate OTLLLLLLLLLL
943422_10151497218187857_1781709174_n 579327_10151497218227857_1477387646_n
So much food for 2 of us homg!
970635_10151497218142857_40300608_n IMG_7956
Luckily Lirong and Kai Kee helped us out abit or we'd probably go back to SG at least 3kg heavier D:
Oh and opened the makkeolli that night hehe!
What's fried chicken without some alcohol! Out of all the Korean alcoholic beverages my favourite is actually makgeolli 막걸리. Soju tastes too much like ethanol and beer is not really my thing la.
So yay! No need to force anyone to share with me the drinks cos Juyin will readily agree to share it with me LOL!
So here's our loots! Top picture is the 3 of us combined for that day alone while the bottom picture was what I bought for myself alone from this entire trip.
I kena judged upside down when I posted this on Instagram a few days back (Follow me @paulalogy if you haven't!)
Everyone whatsapped me to ask how many face I have.
WAH LAU YOU ALL AH! Last warning ok lol.
Anyone interested to read reviews about all the cosmetics? LOL (Edit July 2014: I have started blogging my own personal reviews about items purchased by me from Korean makeup brands. Do check them out under the label 'K-Beauty')
I counted everything that I bought:
  • 5 makeup cleansers
  • 4 BB creams
  • 4 CC creams
  • 1 brush cleanser
  • 2 makeup brushes
  • 3 blushers
  • 17 eyeliners
  • 2 mascaras
  • 1 facial scrub
  • 1 lip scrub
  • 4 pore facial products
  • 2 wash off masks
  • 2 moisturizers
  • 10 lip masks
  • 80 face masks
  • 3 bottles of nail remover
  • 16 nail polishes
  • 1 hand cream
  • 1 facial mist
I think I can like do an entire entry on Clio because I bought so much from them wth /slaps self/
Bff already pre-warned me to control when I go there cos I told her how worried I was with myself losing control among all those makeup in Korea.
She just told me to buy la, cannot control one LOL
Thanks ah for your faith in me :(
I really liked the Innisfree nail polishes as well. Very very very good quality for the price (2,500 KRW per bottle which equates to $2.80 SGD) and I regret not buying more.
Shall tahan till someone else goes to Korea and I will throw them an entire list of colours to get for me.
Here's swatches of the 3 bottles I'd already used. All from Innisfree except otherwise listed.
Used #124 on all nails except my accent nail. Applied 3 coats because I wanted a 100% opaque colour. Very jelly like, me likey alot! :D
Accent nail colour was China Glaze's Fade Into Hue with Innisfree #125 (a clear polish with large purple glitter bits) layered over.
This started to chip about 4 days later but nothing major. Just the usual chipping from doing housework.
This is Innisfree's #68 which I LOVE alot. 2 coats for this deep blood red colour. Very nice to apply too I must add. There was this Etude House polish which I bought and hated because it was too gooey and difficult to apply. The Innisfree ones were very smooth and consistent in their texture. A breeze to apply!
Ok, end of Day 6. Look forward to Day 7! We're heading to a 찜질방 or public bath house and on our search to eat samgyetang/Ginseng chicken :D
Bye! ~