Korea Travelogue: Day 5 - Stylenanda and Coex Mall


Day 5 Itinerary (Part 1)

  • Stylenanda
  • Coex Mall

Alright, go go for Day 5! We started off quite late in the morning by going to search for lunch lol. By the way it was the last day of 2014 so we wanted to just fulfil some places on our must-go list before heading back to the hostel and end 2014 by watching Gayo Daejun on television because we didn't score any tickets to the year-end show.

Headed towards the Hongik University entrance from our guesthouse and settled on having jjajangmyeon, jjampong and tangsuyeok for lunch. This store is located on the 2nd floor of a building on the road leading straight up to the university's entrance. If I had to be really exact about this store's location, it's the same building where the Thanks Nature Cafe (Sheep Cafe) is. Just on the 2nd floor unlike the sheep cafe which is at the basement.



The tangsuyeok was one of the best that we've had on this trip! After that we headed in search of Stylenanda within the Hongdae area because I wanted to buy 3CE makeup hehehehe xD



Come out from Hongdae Station at Exit 9. Walk past the KFC and you'll see a 3-way intersection. Turn left and walk all the way up. Just keep walking and look out for Stylenanda in an alley on your left.

Address: 23, Wausan-ro 29da-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-836

IMG_1399 IMG_1408

Chionged to the 3CE makeup section. Now I am a MAJOR fan of their makeup. I had already owned some lipsticks and their concealer which is always found in my Instagram posts so I was keen to try other makeup items like their famous foundation and blushes!

IMG_1400 IMG_1404

I picked up a duo blush (Creme de Violette) along with some other items. Spent alot of money there :(


Their nail polish range is also very extensive! I do own one colour which was gifted to me prior before the trip (I've never been to Stylenanda by the way, this would have been my first trip. All the other items were bought for me by the bff when she went in August 2013) so I was really tempted to try out more colours - I went home with 2 bottles of polishes!


If makeup is not your thing, Stylenanda is also famous for their clothing range. Carol is a huge fan of Stylenanda's clothes - she just bought a winter coat from them not too long ago, shipped to France! After purchasing my makeup, I went around to the other floors to explore further. The flagship store has 3 storeys, 3CE is prominently placed on the left of the entrance.


There's a photobooth that is free of charge so remember to go take pictures in it lol! It can fit a maximum of 4 persons - we tried squeezing all 5 of us in, didn't work D: maybe we're all too fat lol. We all took turns hogging the machine and left the store after getting a printout each. It's quite paiseh to hog the machine but just don't push your limits and you'll be fine. There was no staff looking after the photobooth FYI.




It was their 10th anniversary that year hence all the deco and balloons.


Took the train to Samseong Station to get to Coex Mall. Exit through Exit No. 5 & 6 and you will reach the mall. It's pretty easy to navigate once you tap out of the station. Main objective for our visit was for the then newly opened SMTOWN area which is located outside of the main mall. The girls also wanted to go catch the red carpet for SBS Drama Awards which was held that evening but we were quite early so we proceeded to do our favourite activity - eat.


This noodle joint (미사리 밀빛 초계국수 칼국수) is located on the ground floor. I'm sorry to say that I do not remember where it is nearby but... try your luck perhaps? LOL. Try and match the characters to the signboard :P


We ordered 2 bowls of noodles to share and a plate of dumplings. It was crazily yummy! Not so the dumplings but the noodles were amazing.

IMG_0528 IMG_0526 IMG_0525

With a full belly, we all left to go to SMTOWN outside of the mall which I will describe more in the next entry. Till then, annyeong! (Update: 2nd part is up here!)