Korea Travelogue: Day 3 Songdo Central Park & Haedoji Park


Day 3 Itinerary

  • Kayaking at Central Park
  • Breakfast at Cafe Leemans 카페 리맨스
  • Cycling around Central Park
  • Haedoji Park

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.47.42 pm

(cr to Incheon Convention Visitors' Bureau)

I'm gonna insert a map of Songdo here because this is pretty much the ONLY map I have of Songdo and this was what we used to plan our day's activities in Songdo.


Kicked off our final day in Songdo early in the morning with kayaking in Central Park. The bff and I went to rent a clear bottom kayak from the counter and you just have to pay up front, put on the life vests and get into the kayak. The staff will also provide you with ziplock bags to put in your belongings to prevent them from getting wet which I thought was a nice touch.


The entire duration to kayak was for 50 mins and we got bored after awhile because the area to kayak was quite small. You can choose to kayak all the way up to Rabbit island where it is just a tiny piece of land with TONS of rabbits on it. This is visible from the park but the only way to get all the way up close is by kayaking.


After that we left to meet Stella for brunch at Cafe Leemans which is located along the stretch of shops you'll pass by walking towards NC Cube from Central Park. Just remeber to keep an eye out for this cafe!


158-160, The Sharp Central Park I, 24-4 Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea


The bff and I ordered the signature Leemans brunch (KRW8,900) while Stella ordered the chicken club sandwich (KRW8,000) which were both very yummy although I love anything with french toast! Their beverages were pretty standard cafe drinks so feel free to just go ahead and order a cuppa to accompany your brunch.


Headed back to Oakwood to check-out of our room and then it was back to Central Park once again to rent bicycles. Yes, we went cycling at mid day lol and I ended up with super bad sunburn I had to buy emergency aloe vera from Nature Republic in Jeonju cos the pain was so unbearable. Ok that's beside the point haha.

Do note that you are only allowed to cycle within Central Park itself if you are renting the bikes from the kiosk. We initially thought it was possible to cycle over to Haedoji Park with the bikes but the staff informed us that we couldn't do that. Please bring along some ID to leave with the staff as this is a pre-requisite to rent the bicycles.


Rabbit island and deer farm were featured in one of TROS episode featuring the Song triplets so we were quite excited to finally see it in person. Deer farm cannot be viewed whilst in the lake by the way.


Look Ma, real life deers!


I was 'ah-sum' for the day because I was too lazy to take out my DSLR to take pics. Most of the pics in this entry were contributed by Stella and the bff lol. The bff took out her zoom lens in order to take that up close picture of the rabbits :D


Central Park itself is actually quite big so I would recommend that you rent a bicycle to cover the entire park unless you have a ton of time to waste. We managed to cycle around the park about over an hour and taking slightly longer because we stupidly rented the bicycles for 1.5 hours LOL




Futuristic buildings LOL


The Song triplets stay in one of these building HAHAHAH! Why didn't we get the luck to see them in Songdo T______T



'Ah-sum' evidence #2 :P


Taking a picture outside this Hanok looking place because this is the Hotel Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon that we really wanted to stay in but couldn't afford since it costs a minimum of SGD300++/night. You can consider this hotel if you have the extra cash to spare as the rooms are really luxe looking!


Alright so we returned our bikes after 1.5 hours and then walked over to Haedoji Park because the bff wanted to take pictures with the giant whales haha. You may refer to the map I inserted at the top of this entry for directions. It took us about 15-20 mins from Central Park on foot to reach there.

Haedoji Park is much smaller than Central Park and it feels more compact too because the greenery is more abundant there.


Ta-dah the giant whales! Yup we walked all the way here just to take a photo of this HAHAHAH. And then we got very distracted by the giant slides located opposite of the whales.


Looks damn awesome right? All three of us took turns sliding down and I managed to capture some clips with my action camera but as usual I don't know if the clips will see the light but if they do I will insert it somewhere on this blog so lookout for it if you're keen :P


Wokays and that was all for our final half day in Songdo I guess? After that we brisk walked back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and took a taxi to Incheon Bus Terminal to catch our 4pm bus to Jeonju where we will spend 2 nights in.

Till then, bye!