Korea Travelogue: Day 2 - Jusangjeolli Cliff, Seonimgyo Bridge, Teseum Safari and Mysterious Road in Jeju


Day 2 Itinerary (Part 2)

  • Jusangjeolli Cliff
  • Seonimgyo Bridge
  • Teseum Safari (Teddy bear museum)
  • Dinner

Moving on to the 2nd half of my Jeju day tour - you can read the first part here - our first stop after lunch was Jusangjeolli Cliff.


2663, Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 제주 서귀포시 중문동 2663

Entrance fee: KRW2000


Jusangjeolli Cliff is located in the Jungmun area and the rocks formed along the coast are really amazing!


The viewing area is not a very huge area, sufficient for you to have a closer look at the rocks and basically just for photo opportunities. It's amazing how the natural landscape of Jeju island is because these rocks are formed by lava when Hallasan erupted. I find this a common theme around Jeju island - rocks and more rocks lol! - so I would recommend that you pick wisely the places if you are short of time. Jusangjeolli Cliff is worth a visit because of its breathtaking scenery of the sea against the rocky background.


Mandatory groupshot everywhere!



So beautiful isn't it? ^^


He bought us Jeju tangerines to munch along the way when we left Jusangjeolli Cliff. These are really addictive! I couldn't stop peeling and popping them into my mouth the entire time and the 7 of us actually finished the whole bag (think there were at least 40-50 of them inside) and we just polished them off before reaching the next destination. Super awesome!

Moving along, we wanted to make our way to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall but Mr Won told us that the waterfall is quite dry during winter lol. Even the stream below was really dried up due to the cold weather so he took us to a small rest stop where you can see a clear view of the Seonimgyo Bridge. Headed off elsewhere afterwards because it was getting pretty late and our next stop was a highlight of my Jeju wishlist.




The water from the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall is supposed to fall into this stream. Alas the cold winter made it really dry and bare.


Here's Mr Won and myself - really friendly and easy-going person!


Second last stop for our 1 day tour in Jeju with Mr Won was Teseum Safari or commonly known as a teddy bear museum. Now there's this major confusion on the teddy bear museums in Jeju island - there are two of them. One of them is of course this Teseum Safari while the other teddy bear museum is located in Jungmun Resort which is the original one. I use the term 'original' quite loosely because I've been there before back in 2005 on my first trip to Jeju so I was really expecting him to bring us there and not this Teseum Safari. But erm okay, maybe there was a miscommunication there and I was ready to just let it go - take it as a new experience to visit the new museum instead of the older one!


2159, Pyeonghwa-ro, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 제주 제주시 애월읍 평화로 2159


Teddy Bears were everywhere! Oh and be prepared for the photo spam coming right up haha.




When you walk in, the first floor is designed as a safari so it was like the animal kingdom brought to life with teddy bears lol. And it is very crowded there! You literally have to squeeze and push with the busloads of tourists. Very scary!


Because you remind me of Seungri and Seungho :)


Yes, bears are meant to be larger than the small petite human hahaha.



We spent about 1 hour and a half there and took at least a couple hundred pictures from each camera. I had a nightmare trying to edit just my own pictures D:


Snow White <3



Workshop to make the bears



Gulliver's Travels


Yup Shrek, Fiona and Puss are here too.


Tons of life sized bears to take photos with all around the museum. Plus each area had different themes so it was very interesting to see how the people used teddy bears for everything.



Supposedly Snow White I think. But she just looked really bad hahahah hence the expression!



You just remind me of Myungsoo really... especially that smile :D



Hera teddy bear - pretty!



Wonder Girls


Upon leaving the museum, you'll enter the gift shop where you can purchase teddy bears obviously.


This Piglet bear caught my eye but the price tag homg! Why so expensive one O.O




Final stop with Mr Won was Mysterious Road.



Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Jeju-si Nohyeong-dong 289-15 제주특별자치도 제주시 1100로 2894-63 (노형동)


Mysterious Road is aptly named because apparently when you turn off the car's engine, the car will 'move' uphill on its own. In actual fact it's an illusion caused by the nearby landscape that makes the road seem as if it is flat when it is a slope, hence the phenomenon of cars/buses 'moving' on their own. You won't spend much time there because the guide will probably let you experience this about 1-2 times and then be on their way.

After that, Mr Won dropped us back at the guesthouse and we all said our goodbyes. It was late evening by then so we asked the guesthouse for dinner recommendations because we didn't want to have BBQ black pork again and they directed us to this restaurant called '자매국수' or Jamae Guksu when romanised. The staff didn't give us the address and just told us to hop into any taxi and tell the driver the name of the restaurant - apparently everyone in Jeju knows where this place is! Taxi fare from The Forest Guesthouse was about KRW5000.


But the queue was horrendous when we arrived and it was only about 6pm then! We went to the neighbouring restaurant on its left called '국수마당' or Guksu Madang as advised by the guesthouse staff because there were tables available for us. However, do not that think that it is much worse off than its more famous neighbour just because it is less crowded - the crowd ballooned by the time we wanted to leave at 7pm and there were people queuing outside the store too.


1034-19 Ildo 2(i)-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Phone:+82 64-727-6001

IMG_0416 IMG_0415

Menu! We all ordered Number 2 which is the noodles with black pork except for Sunmi who had the 몸국(last column, second item) and 2 small portions of dumplings 물만두 (last column, first item on the menu above) to share.


If it helps, here's our order from the restaurant's order form.


This is the small portion of dumplings or wanton soup if you must localise this lol. Very yummy! Must order. KRW5000 for the small portion only.


Meat from black pig which is a Jeju-do specialty together with the noodles. This dish... wow, really daebak! Probably one of the better meals we had during the trip. Soup was flavourful, noodles were chewy and soft and the meat was very yummy. All these for KRW6500 per bowl. 5 stars!


The seaweed that they gave as condiments - we spammed it like crazy. Super yummy as well! We polished off at least half the container by the end of our meal.

IMG_0424 IMG_0425

Happy people with food! :D #livetoeat


We walked back to Dongmun Rotary (Hyunju googled the way, we just followed her blindly so don't ask me how to walk back lol!) and then it was time for the Koreans to head back to the airport T.T

Took a ton of wefies at the roadside HAHAHAHA and off they went while the rest of us... went back to the night market for more food #fatdieus

IMG_1190 IMG_1191

Hotteok again! I really wish this is easily available here T.T


Here's a picture of the basement common area at The Forest Hostel & Guesthouse. They provide complimentary breakfast for all guests here from 8-10am if I didn't recall wrongly. Breakfast includes toast, jam and condiments along with instant coffee and tea sachets. You'll have to wash up your used utensils after that so everything is really OTOT here.


Since I've come to the end of my Jeju stay, I'll talk a little bit on living at The Forest Hostel & Guesthouse.

I find that the rooms are adequate for the price, small and simple furnishings albeit a little too rundown for my liking. Location-wise I have raved about it a couple of times in the past entries so yes, major plus point! However, overall I wouldn't come back to stay here simply because I had a really bad sleeping experience on my last night. There was this dripping sound directly above me that woke me up in the middle of the night and I was pretty spooked out by it that I had to bunk in with Stella lol in order to continue sleeping. I wounded up having lesser sleep than I would have liked and just morphed into a zombie the next day. Also, I'd like to explore the Seogwipo half of Jeju island more extensively and Jeju-si is quite far from most of the tourist attractions.

So here's my recommendation: if price is a concern and you do not intend to drive in Jeju, you can consider Jeju-si/The Forest Hostel & Guesthouse. If not, just find somewhere in Seogwipo to stay.

Ok, so that's all for my Jeju island. I will continue on with the Seoul portion of my trip in the next few entries.

Till then, bye!