Korea Travelogue: Day 10 LINE Friends Flagship Store Itaewon


Kicked off the second day in Seoul by heading to Itaewon from Hapjeong station. Chanced upon this birthday fan banner in the metro for Sunggyu <3

Exited from Exit 3 at Itaewon station and walked straight ahead to be greeted by this lovely sight of Brown and Cony :D

There are a few LINE Friends stores located in Korea but out of all the ones I've been to, my most favourite one is the Itaewon one because it is SOOOOOOO HUGE (3 storeys high wtf).

I've been to the stores at Garosugil (not bad because it has a cafe too but not as big as the Itaewon store), Myeongdong (very small) and Hongdae (also very small). If you really love LINE Friends, my recommendation would be this flagship store in Itaewon. Also do set aside a couple of hours to explore and shop in the store, maybe pop by the cafe for a drink just to chill because they have very cute LINE Friends themed food and beverages.

I was squealing with excitement when we arrived because I am a huge LINE Friends fan! Carol can attest to that because we both use the app daily to chat plus we always egg each other to buy useless LINE Friends stuff just cause they are damn cute HAHAHAHAHA

Photo spam coming up because we were just taking pictures left, right and centre! The store allows phototaking so go ahead and take to your heart's content :)

Love how they decorate the interior of the store with the LINE Friends characters - here is a look at Brown's room

This is totally Brown because he is a very shy person! Cony is the very aggressive partner in this relationship lol.

Stella clearly wants a bf HAHAHAH (don't kill me pls :P)

Edward hidden in a corner of Brown's room

We spent alot of time taking pictures around the store and also picking up stuff to buy - I went straight for all the Brown merchandise because he is my favourite character plus he doesn't get dirty easily since he's brown lol

Remotely shopping for Carol who was sleeping in Paris but by sheer luck she picked up my call lol! I was picking a pair from the Vans collaboration and we both got the same pair to twin :D

This store in Itaewon definitely had alot more life sized dolls around the store in comparison so you'll definitely have a ton of photo ops!

The LINE Friends cafe is located on the 3rd floor and this is by far the largest and most comprehensive LINE Friends cafe I've seen in Seoul.

We ordered individual drinks and dessert + fries to share because we didn't have our breakfast and were starvvvvvvvving by then :(

Thankfully the cafe was not as crowded because we went in the morning and the food arrived very quickly!

Ordered one of each available character to bring home ^^ don't you find the bottles really cute but useless

Bombed alot of $$ at the store with the merchandise and also at the cafe - food wasn't cheap btw D:

Had a very enjoyable time here before we left to go for a proper meal in Konkuk which is a sushi joint our Korean dance instructor recommended. Stay tuned for the next entry for that along with other food places we explored on that day #unfit123 #fatdieus

Till then, annyeong :D :D :D