Korea Travelogue: Day 10 Hoya Sushi, Common Ground & Nak Suh Pajeon

After we left the LINE Friends Store at Itaewon, we made our way to Konkuk University Station for the first real meal of the day - sushi!

This sushi store was introduced to us by our dance instructor and here's their address: 12-36, Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

For those need a more detailed route, do refer to this blogpost here by  this blogger!

The star item on their menu is their salmon sashimi so we ordered a ton of dishes with salmon cos we were SO.HUNGRY!

Love how thick the sashimi is!




I'll be very honest about it, all 3 of us didn't find the sushi mind blowing or maybe we had too high expectations going into this sushi restaurant. And I was feeling a little queasy afterwards because the sushi smelt very fishy so I was really forcing myself to swallow it down. Here's the irony though in 2017 - I'm allergic to salmon and I can't eat sashimi anymore without feeling extremely sick afterwards *heartbroken*



Common Ground


Since we were in the Konkuk University area, we walked over to Common Ground (Exit 6, walk 600m) to check out this place that has been popping up on my Instagram feed all the time (in 2016 la I say first xD).

The entire area is built out of shipping containers and made into a super OOTD-worthy area coupled with hipster cafes and apparel stores.

Here's the area where everyone will gather to take OOTDs on Level 1!

Speaking of OOTDs, we really took a ton of pictures so warning first, picture spam ahead :) Ok, now on to what you need for an OOTD picture.

First, find a nice empty spot with good lighting (preferably natural ones).

Next, whip out your chio (Gentle Monster) sunglasses and put it on.

Then click away! :D :D :D Oh and can I say I really salute models for coming up with soooooo many different poses in a short span of time. Sigh I need more OOTD practice with my partner in crime lol. Wait for Winter 2017 HAHA.

Wearing the Gentle Monster Absente 01 Gold which I bought in the Nampo-dong flagship store.

Along with the magic stockings xD

I also made the bff take a ton of OOTD pictures just cos I didn't want to do it alone lol.

She really knows how to pose sia HAHAHAHA!

And then she started to walk around so I just continued snapping

Walking to the right....

.... then walking in the opposite direction

Stella didn't want to entertain us and take OOTD pictures so she just took normal ones :(

Changed background to the other side

In all, I love Common Ground for having such cool vibes to chill and take a ton of pictures with your friends. You don't need to feel shy to take pictures because EVERYONE was doing it there lol.

Dore Dore which is famous for their rainbow cakes also has an outlet at Common Ground



Moving on, we boarded the metro once again and headed to Seongsu Station (Exit 1) to Cube Entertainment's new building. Wanted to try our luck and see if the new Cube Cafe was built but nope, it was still under renovation then (it should be open by now in 2017).


F2 Building, 83, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Sad because we had such a ball the last time in the old Cube Cafe although no reason for us to go there since B2ST or Highlight as they are known now are no longer under Cube Entertainment. We just went around taking pictures with the banners lined around the first floor of the building.

BTOB - I don't have a bias so I didn't take any pictures with them.

Last Beast album T__________T

Took me so long to decide my bias in B2ST/Highlight but it's Yoseobbie in the end lol.

Yup we literally went all the way to Seongsu just to take pictures with a building wth. By then it was late afternoon and we decided to head to our 2nd last stop for the day which is seafood pajeon at Hoegi Station.

Found the Seorae outlet that they filmed one episode of DOTS in at Hoegi Station Exit 1.

But we didn't want to go in for BBQ because we were still quite full from the sushi and we were trying to search for this famous pajeon place.

Found it in some obscure alley (낙서파전 or Nak Suh Pa Jeon is the name of the store) but it was totally empty as it was too early for dinner.

Ordered the regular seafood pajeon and the ahjumma asked us if we wanted some soju to go along with it so we ordered a bottle because we were quite pai seh to just get 1 pajeon for sharing among the 3 of us.

The pajeon was veryyyyyy crispy and yummy although I wouldn't necessarily go all the way back to specially eat it.

After finishing with our meal, we took the metro down to Myeongdong and continued shopping!

Bought this for Carol who wanted this laptop sleeve but I only managed to find it at the store in Lotte Young Plaza hence this picture.

Anyway, that's all for our EXTREMELY long second day in Seoul. It was the bff's birthday the next day so we had planned to visit 1Million Dance Studio to attend a class. Will talk more about it in the next entry. Annyeong! ^^