Korea Travelogue: Day 1 Songdo NC Cube


Day 1 Itinerary

  • Incheon Airport to Songdo
  • NC Cube
  • dal.komm Coffee (Descendants of The Sun filming location)

Wohoo! Alright let's kick start this new travelogue series because it's gonna be EXTREMELY long - 16 days worth of travelling within South Korea so you've been warned ;)


Took Singapore Airlines to Incheon this time and can I say how awesome is it to fly on your national carrier ^^

We booked our air tickets 9 months in advance so managed to snag them at close to SGD700/pax for travel during May.


Landed at Incheon Airport in the late afternoon so first stop was to get our airport limousine bus tickets to Songdo. Had to wait for the next bus which was arriving in about 40 minutes so we headed to the convenience store to buy some triangle kimbap (sam gak kim bap) and water. And LINE Friends is everywhere *points above*

By the way, we bought EG Sim data cards at Changi Airport because we were too lazy to book ahead on their website to collect in Korea. Sadly, Stella's sim card didn't work throughout the entire trip despite resetting her phone and seeking help from their facebook page so I would suggest that you try renting a mobile wifi device if your budget allows it!



Hand itchy because I bought this LINE Friends T-money card even though I am still using my old Rilakkuma T-money from 2011. Too cute to resist :D


We are finally back in Korea :D


Took KAL airport limousine 6707B (KRW 7,000/pax) to Songdo which took us about 30-40 minutes as our hotel was the last stop before it U-turns back to Incheon Airport. Checked-in at our hotel (review) and then headed off straight towards NC Cube because it was already approaching dinner time.


Checked out the boat house at Central Park which is located directly opposite our hotel. Songdo got really famous because of the Song triplets from 'The Return of Superman' and Central Park was actually featured quite regularly on this programme thanks to the triplets. Actually we made sure to stay in Songdo because of this reason too xD

DSC_0015 DSC_0013 DSC_0017

We had planned for the activities in Central Park on the third day so after taking some pictures we left and walked towards NC Cube.


Yes this is the café that Capt Yoo and Dr Kang had their date at lol #DOTS

We had planned to return that evening because the stores closed early at NC Cube so I'll leave more information on the dal.komm Coffee café below.

DSC_0027 DSC_0033


Finally reached our destination for the evening after walking about 15 minutes from the hotel.

NC Cube

Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea



NC Cube is a very nice shopping strip made up of four different sections named after the seasons. Each section sells a variety of items ranging from clothing brands, sportswear and have a ton of cafes and restaurants to eat. It is very famous for its canal walk and has been featured on several programmes including 'Running Man'.


Our first stop was at... SPAO lol. Because we saw this EXO poster outside the store. Oh and you can get tax-free from the stores here if they partake in the tax-free scheme. You just have to head to the customer service counter to get the forms or the staff will help you do it if they provide the service.


Went off in search of food after doing some damage to our wallets - Stella bought shoes on the first day liao lol! - and dinner was at 강호동 Kang Ho Dong's 678찜restaurant within NC Cube itself.


Ordered a budae jjigae to share and some dumplings! It was alright in my opinion, just not the best army stew I've ever tried.


Camera eat first, humans later!

Left NC Cube afterwards as the stores were all closing (around 9.30-10pm) and walked back to dal.komm Coffee for dessert.

dal.komm Coffee

Level 1, Central Park Prugio, 23-5 Songdo-dong, Yeonsu District, Incheon.

Operating hours: 8am - 11pm

If you're staying at Oakwood as well it is actually diagonally across from the hotel on the same side of the road as the boat house. You just need to cross one traffic light to reach the café.


Nekkun and Hayang enjoying their hot chocolate date. The café have actually set aside a table in the location of the scene from DOTS for fans to take pictures with.

IMG_4752 IMG_7201

And this is how they earn all our money -.-" By selling the same drink the couple had in the drama at exorbitant prices but we still get suckered in.


DOTS plush for sale at the café

DSC_0052 Collage_Fotor1

You take the chocolate stick and dip it into the cup of hot milk. It will dissolve into this milky chocolate liquid that tastes vaguely like chocolate flavoured milk.

Collage_Fotor3IMG_7205 DSC_0071 DSC_0066 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC_0067 DSC_0070

Yup so we took a ton of pictures at the café with the plushies and that was it!


Kwang Soo is here because he is/was the model for dal.komm until the DOTS craze took over and he was shoved in one corner of the café HAHAHAHAHA!


Walked by this Angel in-us Coffee on the way back to the hotel and saw this poster featuring So Ji Sub and Shin Mina.


Promptly sent this to Carol where we spazzed together lol. Hello woman, we needa go on a separate trip together okay!

Alright after that we went to Lotte Mart to pick up a bunch of stuff. No pictures because I was vlogging there - not sure whether the video clip will see light so till my next entry, bye!