Random entry to insert in while my pictures are being uploaded to other entries lol.
I love Tabi so much but even so when I saw his "Doom Dada" teaser pics I was like "Whuuuuuut...?"
LOL but the song is so addictive! I texted the bff "rong time no seaaaaaaa" when it came out hahaha oops.
Anw I moved a few days back to another place because the hotel didn't allow me to extend till Dec before I leave Switzerland.
But... I'm totally happy now that I am far far away from that person having tons of fun with my landlady! :D She's a really sweet lady who takes care of me like how my mum does.
So far so good! :)
Ok, gonna end this randomly because I'm super tired from staying up last night watching "Heirs" yesterday.
Heirs is sooooooooo freaking awesome!
I am on Team Kim Tan and Young Do already HAHAHA!
And I just bought items from Shu Uemera because there was a sale, totally damn random.
And.... I just booked my air ticket to Paris for One Great Step next weekend!
Ok I need to stop rambling and just go brush my teeth now because I am rambling.
So gonna regret this when I wake up and read it again tomorrow.
Good night.
no, I am not drunk blogging -.-" (does this even exist?)