I Got A Boy Dance Class!

finished my I Got A Boy dance class a couple of weeks ago! :D
despite all my reservations, I managed to last through w/o giving up! /pats self on back/
I remember for Sherlock I kinda like gave up halfway cos I started work and it was really difficult to find time to practice at home and then I fell sick towards the end of the class so... I didn't even turn up for the final class LOL.
but this time round, I really practiced! Even met up with Wanjun and Sinhui to practice at *scape and I practiced at home the week before the final class hahah!
For 2 hours! After work some more hahaha. Sweat die me please.
Anw we all agreed to dress up nice nice as according to SNSD's concept for this song lol.
here's my inspiration for my outfit:

I tried my best to find clothes similar to her's k, I even went to Youtube 'Yoona's I Got A Boy Makeup Tutorial' wah lau super hardworking please me hahahaha!

if only I was that diligent in my studies D:

so yeah on that day itself I was quite confident alr cos practice until want to die alr plus put in so much effort into dressing up for the video lol.

until the actual filming -.-

thought they were gonna film more than once and kinda messed up abit in the middle but turns out 1st filming = only filming T.T

sigh oh wells~ please admire all my photos then lol.

ME :D and my leopard preens cap from their pop-up cafe
possibly the only time I dare to wear the cap out la (got wings leh people!)
Sinhui, Me, Pris and Wanjun
With our instructor
after leaving the class we went to take a bus to Bugis but on the way... more selcas! LOL
usually I'm not so zi lian one but that day, exceptionally zi lian pls hahaha!
pls bear with me xD
Full view of our ootds
Sinhui and I look like betrayers cos we wore YG related stuff to a SM dance class HAHA
Wanjun is the adidas endorser. Top to toe in adidas.
Me attempting Yoong's pose from the pic above :x
Doing the gwiyomi *judges self*
Then this Wanjun collaged this LOL.
Sica bias, Yoong bias, Hyo bias
Hoaegi bias, Myungsoo bias, Kyujiji bias
We are all waiting for Man In Love class to start!! *sings*
ok, this post is really full of me and my face D:
I'm really not so narcissistic usually!
With le bff (we even have the same cap!)
With Sunggyu's biggest fan (she dyed her hair to match him)
Continue taking pics at Coco Ichibanya
awesome awesome time with the girls :)
we bond through K-pop hahahaha!
Juyin next time join us for the next SHINee class! hehe.