I am back from Taiwan!

I just got back from Taiwan about a week ago :)
Gonna write up a few entries on this although it won't be a full fledged travelogue.
Simply because going to Taiwan = going back to my second home hahaha #woesofdatingaforeigner
But I did manage to do more things this time round compared to the trip last year so that's something really positive :D
Anyhow, I was really exhausted and burnt out from work before my trip so the trip was really a good time for me to chill and sleep to my fill!
Ya, I go on holiday to chill one, not to chiong because... I've been to Taiwan so many times it's not even interesting anymore >_<
Breakfast at Starbucks with my caffeine fuel
Left SG at an ungodly hour of 8am in the morning.
Managed to sleep only at 1am the night before and had to get onto the cab by 6am so I was really lacking in sleep.
My mother came with me to the airport and after I went pass immigration, chiong-ed (slang for rush) to the Duty Free store!!
HELLO HEAVEN! *insert hearts into eyes*
Half the joy of a vacation includes heading to the duty free store to score several goodies at cheaper prices :D well, for make-up addicts like me at least.
Almost caved in and bought this palette but when I have 2 full sized Meteorites at home and price of $105, let's just say I have enough pearls to last for the next 2 years at least :/ MUST.TAHAN!
So I flew via Cathay Pacific again which means SG to HK then TW. I was really apprehensive about my luggage because of the bad experience previously but thankfully nothing happened!
Oh and the aircraft crew's service standards have improved tremendously in my opinion.
Huge crowd even at 8am
Didn't put on any makeup because I wasn't fully awake in the morning and decided to put it only on the flight to HK.
Yup, did it openly while sitting between 2 other passengers #buaypaiseh
Reached HKIA and after clearing custom checks, chiong-ed again to the Disneyland store because my mother insisted that I get her more mugs from there for my brother.
Of course, I visited the duty free stores after that and was almost late for boarding before the flight to Taipei.
可以出来见人了!Haha ^^
Touched down in Taipei at around 4pm where I met the bf & his family. Headed straight to Taichung from Taoyuan to stay at his uncle's place hoho.
Anyway, end of this useless post lol. Hopefully the next one will be more useful for those who wanna go to Taiwan xD
Till then, cya~