Hello! Just popping by to say 'Hi'...

Okay the blog really died and went through a phase of no updates.
My bad :(
I'm just swamped with tons of things. I know, everytime use this excuse lol.
Do you know I don't even have time to go and cut my hair?! MAJOR SOBS.
So there's a ton of new things up with me lately.
I went to HK and came back already for a few weeks already.
Trip was a major tiring one, I swear HK 跟我有仇 pls.
Either that or I cannot go HK with my mum anymore haha!
The last time I went to HK with her in 2010, I was ill and totally out for the first few days.
Possibly due to exhaustion because I was involved in a freshmen orientation camp.
Then this trip, my mum fell ill! Like had to go see doctor kind of ill >_<
So yeah, didn't really enjoy much. And I was exhausted too.
Cos having to return from KL and jetting off to HK after 24 hours is utterly mad.
I need to tell myself to really slow down and not be so rushed. I am not 18 anymore T.T
Will post up an entry soon on my HK trip after I settle down.
Which brings me to the next point of why I am so busy------I've been moving house and getting the new place up.
Gosh, being an adult stinks pls!
I had to go buy my own bed and frame, source for my own lighting (Balestier area has so many light shops!), paint my own room, make my own wardrobe and then I gave up and told my mum to find a contractor to do the toilet for me.
In future when I have a marital home, I will hire an interior designer and get them to do everything for me D:
It's just way too exhausting to do everything up on my own.
So anyway, I'm excited to finally have a corner to do my makeup daily.
Will take more pics and put it up on the blog hahah!
Once I settle in ah! Which should be soon because only my wardrobe and toilet sink is not in....
I hope to really just move out of my grandma place because it is quite cramped and live once again in my own room.
Ok, gotta go! The mother just called and told me my Selfridges parcel just arrived today!!
And remember to see that handsome face on 'You Came From Another Star'!