Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar Snake Year to you all! /cue crickets/
ok la, my bad I've been like putting off blogging so much simply cos my bf is hogging my computer everyday and I just came back from BKK and it's already like the 9th day of CNY lol.
my CNY was same old as usual.
came back from BKK on the 5th and went to queue for bak kwa from Lim Chee Guan the next day.
it has always been a tradition for me since I started poly to go and queue for this bak kwa every year simply because... it makes my mother happy.
like seriously. people always ask me why I so stupid wanna go and queue for bak kwa and what not, why waste my time blah blah blah.
Ehhhhh, if my mother wants to give this brand of bak kwa to my relatives during CNY, and I as her daughter am willing to queue on her behalf, why the hell not?!
and is there a difference between Lim Chee Guan and all the other brands of bak kwa out there?
it's my own personal preference but I really think this bak kwa wins hands down all the other brands out there. really cannot compare seriously.
so yeah, I will still queue for this bak kwa every year if my schedule permits.
even despite having a still semi-injured foot, I still went ahead with it. *shrugs*
met up with Jacelyn and Sinhui 2 days before CNY eve after work!
went for my IPL appt then met them for dinner at Genki Sushi at Orchard Central.
headed to Smoothie King at Centrepoint afterwards to just sit down and chill hahaha.
the Friday before CNY eve my boss gave me and my colleague early dismissal hehe.
went home at 3pm and headed to town first to collect my MakeupStash prizes from Laura Mercier
happy happy happy girl I was! :D :D :D
makeup + free = happy Paula.
good right? I won this from her Christmas Giveaway. just never had the time to head to Tangs to collect my prize.
CNY Goodies at Grandma's place
I swear I am addicted to Twelve Cupcakes. I mean seriously :(
it's very bad for my wallet, especially since there's an outlet at Changi City Point near my workplace.
I bought this box of 3 because I wanted to try the Bailey's Chocolate (1st cupcake) then decided to get some for my mother as well.
the Red Velvet cupcake is seriously sooooooooo goooooood but the price isn't D:
that's my only grouse seriously.
everyday my colleague will always update me their special flavours for the day then we both get so tempted to just try la.
booooooo to expensive cupcakes i.e. flour, sugar, butter and cream! rofl.
My nails for CNY. I... ran out of ideas seriously.
Was plain exhausted from doing everything last minute cos we just came back from BKK so after removing my Chanel nail polish which was like 10 days old already, I was like.... eeny meeny miney moe *grabs bottle*
and it was China Glaze's It's a Trap-eze.
the purple polish is OPI's OPI Ink. probably one of the fugliest designs I've done but wth man. LOL.
so.... CNY Day 1! headed to my paternal grandmother's home for lunch and gambled with the cousins and aunties/uncles.
headed to my maternal grandmother house after that as per the tradition and stayed for dinner.
Bf was with me the entire time and he was like proclaiming how much he loved his tailored shirt from BKK hahaha. will share the place when I do up my BKK travelogue sooooooooon.
wore Agneselle for the 1st day.
On CNY Day 2 we had lunch at my grandaunt's house before going to watch Ah Boys to Men II at The Cathay.
Wore a Megagamie dress for that day
went home after that and had a huge fight with the bf.
yupp, during CNY -.-"
didn't go out at all on Day 3 so I spent the entire day at home nua-ing, sleeping, watching youtube and basically just became a nua queen at home la lol.
then made up with the bf that night lol.
went back to work on Day 4 cos company is that shit to not even shutdown when other people's companies did.
everywhere was so empty D:
the shuttle service to go to lunch wasn't even operating. boo to lousy bosses!
Day 5 was Valentine's Day and... went to work as usual haha.
didn't do much except bought cupcakes for the bf (see!!!! what did I tell you about my addiction!!?!?!?) because there was a blackforest flavour for the day.
le bf fetched me from work and we went to Siglap for dinner at Pizza Hut.
shittiest customer service ever I tell you!
but it was the company that counts :)
still gonna boycott that outlet from now onwards.
TGIF! went to Tampines for lunch with my colleague and we had Pepper Lunch! :P
Chicken Curry Cheese Rice
I always think of Hidaya whenever we order this cos she always eats this w/o fail at YIH's Koufu haha!
Saturday ponned tuition despite having no income for the past 4 weeks because I was mad tired.
spent Friday night trying and organising my new clothes and got emo cos I was spending like alot seriously.
told myself I'm going on a No-Buy for clothes for the next month and hopefully I can be determined to keep to it *crosses fingers*
so bf and I went to Genki Sushi for lunch (his 1st time there) and I had the Poached Egg Tempura again :D :D : D: D :D yumm-eh!
Must try at Genki Sushi. But only if you like poached eggs. I do, so this is da bomb for me.
accompanied him to study for his upcoming paper today then we went home where I had to edit documents for my dad till I lost track of time and went to Matilda's home late for dinner ~.~
someone needs to pay me for doing all these things pls ahem ahem hahaha.
oh I saw this van at Cine's carpark when we went to collect our car.
told the bf I wanted a Woodstock one and he called me 'Siao' D: men.
current nail colour: China Glaze's Surfin For Boys with a white base below to make the colour uberly neon.
colour is more neon in real life, the picture got washed out by my lousy lighting at home but do try it if you have it!
back at work today and it's been a super slow day.
colleague is on half day leave because... she went to sign the contract for her new job lol.
so I'm all alone right now in office :(
Had the set lunch at the Indonesian restaurant for $8.90 including a drink
didn't like it that much so probably not gonna go on Mondays anymore to eat this.
the one with the tahu goreng is really nice. I think it's on Thursdays or Wednesdays.
then.. walked past Twelve Cupcakes.
had no intention to buy any cupcakes then my colleague said "Do You want to buy?"
then I was like "NO! No money."
colleague: But what if Lychee Martini is available today?
me: Huh where got so heng one......SHIT!
strike 4D/TOTO also not so heng lor lol.
cos I was telling her I wanted to try this flavour for the longest time but it hasn't been on the Daily Specials yet.
or at least not when I'm at the outlet.
so..... caved in and bought that plus another flavour (Mudslide) and we decided to share them for breakfast tomorrow lol.
and took pics first cos... I have a very bad track record of maintaining the cupcakes in their glorious form LOL!
alright, will try and edit the pics from BKK before posting them.
enjoy the ongoing feasting people :D
Gambits CNY gathering this upcoming Saturday and on Sunday I'm starting SNSD's I Got A Boy class but have shitloads of things happening on that day too i.e. Delta gathering, church retreat along with Eliza's baptism.
I cannot decide which one to attend D: