Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Happy New Year to all of you who are reading this! :)
May this new year be a wonderful one for all and myself too.
Recap of my 2012 which started well and ended on a not so well note.

1. Spent New Year in Korea and ushered in the Dragon year at MBC's Gayo Daejun with Sinhui and Jacelyn. Looking forward to this year's trip to Korea again! :D

6 Jan-3

2. Revamped my room after ages and it now looks pretty decent in my IKEA furniture hahahaha. Still got loads of improvement to be done on my clothes management and what not since all I do is just stuff things into places that I cannot see :X


3. Emceed at SP CLS' Alumni CNY Reunion with Isaac and Linus, my good ol emcee partners.

4 Feb-1

4. CNY with Gambits as our tradition and at Huey's house for Delta's reunion


5. Visited Indonesia twice - Tanjong Pinang for our BI3 field trip and Bali for my cousin's wedding


6. Successful surprise party for the March babies at NSRCC


7. Took up BI3 and made long lasting memories with the Ibus and teman-teman


8. Went to Hong Kong for grad trip and visited Hong Kong Disneyland for the fourth time! Oh, and found my favorite Disney princess (RAPUNZEL I LOVE YOU!!!!)


9. Finally left the hellhole called NUS with my degree


10. Attended other people's graduation as well


11. Went to USS for the fourth time. Seems like alot of '4th time' this year. Bad omen. 44 :/


12. Got the new iPad as a graduation gift from the bf


13. Watched my bro pass out as a Specialist and turn 21 years old


14. Attended loads of K-Pop Concerts this year (no pic from Super Show 4)

Big Bang's Alive Tour in Singapore
SM Town: Live in Singapore

15. Queued for iPhone 5 for 8 hours and 3 months later it became like this.


 16. Got a job as a Research Associate and realised the working world suck balls but thank God for good colleagues.


17. Found new addictions - Laoban Soya Beancurd, Polaroids and.... nail polishes! I don't have a pic of my huge make-up collection but nvm la, I'm not a beauty blogger what -.-"


18. Fell and injured my left leg really badly as the year came to a close.

Looking back, 2012 held alot of firsts and lasts for me.
Last time in school, last time taking exams, last time ponning class and no more school holidays.
But first job, first pay, first real CPF contribution and so forth...
I hope 2013 will be a better year for me, work-wise and health-wise.
Been meaning to really lose weight for good because I don't feel healthy at all.
Plus, spend lesser money on clothes, make-up, nail polishes and other nonsense and be contented with what I have.
Also, I really want my leg to heal. I can only really be more active once my leg heals because I cannot even walk down stairs normally right now.
Le sigh.
Happy New Year to me too bah.