Germany to Switzerland

I hope people are still reading this blog lol.
I've been stuck in the office on my computer for ages and I thought it'd be good to just pop by for a little update.
Cannot believe that I'm leaving Germany so soon. 2 months really flew by and now I'm soon moving on to the next country I have to train in.
Haven't been the sanest this month, October has been quite horrible to me.
I moved from working in the lab to the office - sales - and now am stuck on my computer because... the staff are too busy to come and train us.
Don't like how this feels, makes me feel very unwanted haha (I am that insecure to be honest).
My SG colleague came for a week and we had fun together (she was staying at my place) then luckily after she left my dad came a few days later hahah.
He came a week ago to Germany for a trade fair and we spent time together so it was good.
Had to stop myself from bawling my eyes out at the train station last night when I went to send him off.
And then when he landed in Singapore, he went home and threw a fit because the house was in a mess due to all the packing my mum, bro and bf have been doing.
SIGH, headache really. Nevertheless, I still am looking forward to going back home to Singapore despite not having a house to go back to.
Alrighty, I have been making use of my free time to write up some entries on my travels in Europe so stay tuned!