Europe Travelogue - Paris Day 2

Itinerary for Day 2

  • Chanel store at 31 Rue Cambon
  • Lunch near Opéra
  • Galeries Lafayette for Pierre Hermé macarons
  • Dinner in a bar for escargot and foie gras

Hello! I'm back with my Day 2 travelogue in Paris :D Super hardworking blogger *pats self on back* HAHAHAHAH Go read Day 1's entry here if you haven't done so. So we headed to 31 Rue Cambon by hopping onto the metro to Madeleine station.

Arrived there in minutes and ta-dahhhhhhhhhh..... the first ever Chanel store! :)

My love affair with Chanel started with makeup of course.
And gradually, as I added more Chanel beauty products to my collection, I toyed with the idea of owning a bag from Chanel because I loved the brand that much.
I struggled internally whether I really wanted to borrow money from my mother just to buy a Chanel Boy on this trip because I wasn't sure when my next trip to Paris would be.
But clearly a Chanel Boy at this point of time in my life was out of the question because of financial reasons - I didn't need it, I simply wanted it.
Hence, I settled for buying jewellery from the store because... you just had to buy something from 31 Rue Cambon!
"One simply does not go to 31 Rue Cambon and walk out empty handed." -  Paula
LOL! So I really went there with the intention of walking out with something in my hand (that precious white bag with the white flower adorning it).
Carol's task was to act as translator for me even though the staff could speak very good English.
However, she got tempted by the Chanel espadrilles and she caved in with me too! /hammers more nails into our bond/.
Both of us walked out like 2 crazy and dazed girls, toting the precious white bag lol.
I ended up splurging on a necklace and a pair of earrings.
I had to like.... milk the opportunity to take as many pictures as I could with that bloody bag please.
Was even happier than striking TOTO (I kid, striking TOTO > buying Chanel jewellery pls bo bi me TOTO gods).
We decided to walk to Opéra which was nearby Rue Cambon for lunch.
Along the way, more luxury brands.
I swear Paris is really the capital of luxury please. Every corner you turn, you'd find like a Dior, Louis Vuitton, YSL store etc.
We headed for lunch while passing by a Pierre Hermé near Opéra (39 avenue de l'Opéra 75002 Paris) where we saw a bunch of girls crowding outside the entrance of what seemed like a hotel.

I was just taking pictures of the Pierre Hermé store when I heard... 'Sungkyu' from one of the girls' mouth. /Squeals/ OMG WE WERE OUTSIDE THE HOTEL THAT INFINITE WAS STAYING!!! I was hungry and hunger > Myungsoo (sorry myungie!) hence we headed off for lunch lol, half saying that if the girls were still there on our way back maybe we would be able to see Infinite. But first, lunch. Ordered a set meal for 17€ each. Quite worth it in my opinion given the sheer amount of food.

Juk, salad and tea.
Japchae and mandu (there are other stuff available but I picked mandu)
I ordered a dolsot bibimbap while Carol had the beef stew I think.
We really went to wait for Infinite outside the hotel afterwards, freezing for a good 1 hour before L came out and disappeared. All I got was a 20 sec video of him in black (LMAO!) running off.
Gave up waiting for the remaining 6 and just went to Galeries Lafayette which was just bursting with crowds everywhere.
Bought our Pierre Hermé macarons and Bottega Veneta wallet for my ex-colleague and we left for dinner.
Oh and by the way, please allocate time to claim your VAT at the store itself when you buy anything from Galeries Lafayette.
The bugger at Bottega Veneta didn't remind us at all and I thought we could go to the airport to claim the VAT so I happily went off with Carol and... couldn't claim shit when I was at the airport T.T
Dinner was somewhere which I honestly don't remember but it's near Carol's boss' home? Heh xD
We had escargot and foie gras because I wanted French cuisine.
Not sure if this counts for real French cuisine but what the heck man - I had escargots and foie gras in Paris yo!
Went back after that to the apartment because Carol's phone had died plus we were both mad exhausted.
Then we watched another episode of Heirs lol even though my eyes were closing halfway.
Oh, and I met her landlord too :x weird ah pek as she calls him haha.
Had the macarons for breakfast the next day because Carol ran out of bread lol so she had a cup of milo while I had like.... 5 macarons all by myself! :D
I love the design of the box from Pierre Hermé! Kinda regretting throwing my box from the London outlet in Germany because each country has different kind of designs on the box (you can see the London one from my London post here).
Oh wells, more reason to head back to London! :P
Anyway, that's all for my entry. Will update again with the final entry of my Paris trip!
Hope everyone is having a good New Year so far :)