Dior Summer Mix 2013 Dior Vernis #658 Capeline & YSL Spring 2013 La Lacque Couture Tie & Dye Pop Coat #2

When I popped by the Dior counter on my birthday at Takashimaya, I fell in love with the new Dior Summer Mix 2013 nail polishes! /inserts emoticon of face with hearts as eyes/
As I progress on with my addiction to all beauty related things, I've found myself gearing toward the higher ended brands such as Chanel and Dior etc in terms of makeup items and nail lacquers.
You have no idea how happy I was to find them at DFS when I left for Taiwan!
The bf had to literally drag me out of DFS to catch our plane else I'd probably buy up the entire store lol.
So I did purchase 2 nail polishes from the Dior Summer 2013 collection and here's one of them.
Dior Vernis #658 Capeline is a really summery colour - pink & coral all mixed together!
It reminds me of watermelon actually which every review I've read said it as well lol.
See, very summery ain't it? I mean what's summer without watermelon?!
2 coats of Capeline and no top coat
The formula is very very very good! Flows like...... butter ROFL.
I love the nail brush that comes with Dior polishes - wide and very easy to cover my nails.
Actually I think I can cover the entire nail in 1 stroke... ok maybe I should try that the next time!
I owned only 1 Dior polish prior to buying the 2 new polishes and I really loved the brush from that one so I was quite confident I'd love the 2 new Dior nail polishes as well.
The brush is so large that no matter how shaky your hands are, they will cover your nail quite beautifully.
Now the Chanel brush... gahhh don't really like it.
Maybe I'll do a comparison post in future of the brushes used :P
So back to the polish, in a sentence, I really love the formula of this and the colour! NOW RUN OUT AND BUY IT!
I'm just kidding actually. I think whichever colour you pick up from this collection, you'll love it because it just brightens up your day by looking at the pretty colour.
And it lasts quite awhile before having the usual wear and tear around the end of my nails due to me doing extensive housework. (In my opinion, Dior polishes last wayyyyyy longer than Chanel's but Chanel has a wider and more unique range of colours so FML I still buy them)
Now I didn't put a top coat above because.... I wanted to top it with my YSL La Lacque Couture Tie & Dye Pop Coat #2!
I have the whole damn collection, yes, all 4 FML which bff told me not to buy but I couldn't resist! It's $45/bottle /laughs bitterly at bank acc/
I did use the blue one when I went to Korea but never did take pics of it cos I did it hastily and it was quite ugly.
Now this... I really love!
How the bottle looks when shaken and over my Capeline polish
It's so gorgeous! Ok, please pardon me for my lack of vocabulary.
Every damn thing is damn pretty to me for the lack of works lol!
When you shake the bottle up, they combine to form this shiny polish with small specks of glitter in them.
It's like giving the Capeline polish a glittery coat. So.freaking.beautiful.
Final outcome with top coat! :)
I also bought a blush from the Dior Summer Mix 2013 Collection too - the blushes are meant to 'accompany' the polishes i.e. they released 4 different cream blushes as well to compliment the nail polishes.
Thankfully I didn't fall victim to all the blushes but I did for 1 blush.
And I wanted to buy all 4 nail colours but the bf stopped me :( Sigh.
Oh well, that's all for now folks! Stay tuned for the other Dior polish I picked up from this collection hahaha!