Chock Full of Beans


Last Sunday I borrowed the car from the dad and got the girls to go to Chock Full of Beans in Changi Village. I've been meaning to come here for the longest time and sadly because of the sheer laziness to take public transport there, there weren't many opportunities where I could take the car and drive there. So when I met the girls for dance class the night before, I asked them to go with me to this cafe since I had the car for the entire day lolol. This totally impromptu trip was dubbed the 'once in a lifetime' visit because it's really inaccessible via public transport and we said that we would probably not return #sadpoorsoulswhohavenocars Went to the bff's house to kope all her Korea trip pics then went to pick Wanjun up near KAP. Reached Changi Village in the late afternoon and the public carpark was really full! ARGH! Had to wait almost 20 mins before we could enter the carpark plus get a lot. SHEEEEEESH! But we got a table quite quickly and ordered immediately because we were starvinggggggggg.

Ordered 3 main dishes to share and of course iced lattes because we came all the way here just for the 3D latte art.

By the way, you have to wait 30 mins for the 3D latte art to be ready and this is only applicable for their iced lattes. Hot beverages get the normal 2D latte art. My guess is that the foam would hold up better when cold? LOL clearly not cut out to be a 3D coffee artist >_<


Good Morning New York


Eggs Benedict


Ultimate Swiss Rosti


Verdict? Food was decent, nothing mind-blowing but portions were smaller than expected given that we were paying $18++ per dish. Didn't help that I couldn't enjoy my iced coffee because the 30 mins weren't up yet. Boo. By the time the lattes arrived, we had pretty much cleared the food for a good 15 mins lol #hungrysouls


But I have to say the 3D latte art is just wayyyy too cute!! Totally kawaii haha! (Sorry I've been doing research for my upcoming trip to Tokyo in a couple of months so I'm channelling my inner Jap persona HAHAHAHA!)




We ordered the iced hazelnut latte, iced vanilla latte and iced Baileys latte. I cannot speak for the other two but I had the iced hazelnut latte and it was pretty decent and not too overwhelming on the milk side. I'm not too sure if anyone could ask for a specific 3D latte art (we didn't and the staff didn't ask us either) but I have seen several interesting and cute creations on Instagram so perhaps you can get inspiration from there and make a request for it when you're at the cafe on days with lesser crowds.


Poor foams deflated to look like.... mangled up creatures lol after we finished all the drinks! Oh and we kinda took too long to take the pictures of these cute 3D lattes that my latte's foam was deflating by the time we finished taking every single shot so please take note of it else you get a disfigured 3D art haha!


Sorry for the apparent bare face hehe. I was late for church and only had time to slap on sunblock. SPF is always important yo! But anyway I look quite alright in this pic so I'm gonna post this hahahaha..


Yup, milk a photo op with the cute coffees at every opportunity since we'll probably not return in the near future because of the distance and inaccessibility.


My lighting sucked really badly so no pics of me with my Melody iced hazelnut latte D:


We went to I12 Katong for churros at a pop-up store because we still had time to kill #fatdieus The churros were meh in my opinion because there was no/not enough cinnamon sugar coated.


Went home afterwards to KO because I was too exhausted from waking up too early and that was how I spent my Sunday last week :D

Gonna go fish out my Korea trip pictures to edit before drafting the entries. We had so much fun this trip I think I may get withdrawals again while writing those entries. Le sigh!