Catching up with friends...

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates! Don't stone me please.
I am really swamped with preparation of my trip to Germany (flying off this Sat!) and busy doing things to ensure that I will not get lost there (the usual research before going overseas) and... catching up with my friends (with the excuse of eating whatever Asian food I could stuff myself with before going to Europe)!
So basically whatever you'll see below is all food hahaha! Oops :P
Do not read further when in extreme hunger hahaha!
Met Juyin, Hidaya and Kai Qi for Itacho Sushi last week.
Lirong and Qiu Lin were supposed to join us but couldn't last minute.
Itacho is sooooo nice... and expensive too :(
Special mention to Hidaya's uber long unagi lol
It was nice meeting up despite a very exhausted day at work! Pffffft.
Not doing much in office but still mentally occupied with how to pack my luggage for Europe.
We headed to Paris Baguette at Wisma Atria for dessert and to... take polaroids lol!
Played with Juyin's new Fujifilm Instax 8s that she won at her company's D&D lucky draw (super heng pls!) but... she didn't know how to use it lol.
I'm having second thought about buying it if my 50s ever dies one me.
Spamming polaroids!
That weekend (ok, last weekend) was my final one in Singapore and I was packed with meeting people back to back /inserts horrified face/
I am still recovering from the lack of rest and what not.
Gosh, I hope I can recover my sleep debt in Germany D:
Met up with the girls again for dim sum at Mouth Restaurant (Plaza Singapura) together with our partners (those who have la lol).
Not much pics because the food blogger was there so... just check Lirong's blog post on it when it's out hehe.
Cabbing down to PS cos I woke up late and die also must put on makeup haha!
Rainhow har gow. Wanna guess the flavours? :P
The black pau is named 'bao qing tian' and it's just... char siew pau with black skin LOL!
Feast that Lirong ordered lol. Eat die us
Met my mum to go do even more stuff after that and then went to meet Jacelyn & Sinhui for dinner at Wang Daebak! :D
Very nice but I was too exhausted by then and in a food comatose state I didn't bother taking any pics heh.
Went to 100am at Tanjong Pagar to eat some green tea dessert and talk more nonsense lol!

IMG_9643 IMG_9644

My gizibesssss LOL! I know I can always count on them to back me up heh xD

My birthday presents all the way from Korea from bff, Jace & Stella :D Oh and Wanjun's MBLAQ album for me!
Next day went to Rawana's house for Hari Raya lunch and found this!
Rainbow butter cookies
So pretty! Anyone wanna do some and give them to me? LOL /hinting Lirong/
Ok, I will hopefully be back soon when I reach there. Dear Internet God pls grant me strong wifi signals and 3G in Germany thank you very muchhhhhhhh :D