Back from Korea

I'm back from Korea!
and my face for the past 3 days has been this ---------> D: D: D: D:
I'm really depressed to be back here after 9 days of eating and shopping and spending time with my girls.
I even threw a bitchfit at my boss yesterday for throwing me with all the work.
Ok, I just have issues with him that's all.
Nevertheless, still sorting out my pictures (I HAVE SO MANY SOMEONE KILL ME) so do hang in there for awhile.
I will do a day to day travelogue with directions on how to get to the places we visited (you have no idea how many times we got lost in Korea but thankfully we met nice Koreans who helped us!) once I recall how we got there hahaha.
Till then, leaving you with the pictures of how I trashed my crappy old backpack into the bin at Lotte Dept once I bought my MCM backpack heh.
Yes, that was a YOLO moment for me.