Ambush with the girls :)

Hello! I'm back with a food review and it's Ambush at Junction 8!
Super random meet-ups with the girls this week first though.
Met Hidaya and Juyin at Northpoint for sushi after work...
Then somehow we planned to meet up (all 4 of us incl Lirong) on Thursday.
Wah rao my wallet dun like pls hahaha!
But it's okay, I can do it >_<
Chillax at Starbucks - 3 people sharing 1 venti sized drink cos we were too full from sushi!
With Kwangsoo Hidaya hehehehe xD
Decided to have dinner at Junction 8 because Hidaya ends work really late and it's very difficult for her to get to town areas asap (and we are quite hungry people) so decided to meet along the North-South line for her to reach earlier!
IMG_8741 IMG_8816
FOTD and the scene at Serangoon MRT gosh the amount of people D:
Lirong picked the place and made a reservation!
Thank goodness she did. The queue outside was zzzzZzzzz
Food blogger at work
Ambush at Junction 8

#02-19/20/27, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, 9 Bishan Place 63533960 Sun - Wed: 11:00 - 21:30 Thu - Sat: 11:00 - 22:00

IMG_8776 IMG_8817
IMG_8819 IMG_8820
I like meet-ups like these girls! :D
IMG_8781 IMG_8824
While waiting for the food Hidaya gave us presents (she unfriended me wtf haha!) that she bought for us in HK while we gave her what we bought for her in Korea (Running Man tumbler!)
When the food arrives, we all have to wait for Lirong to take finish pictures lol
I find it hilarious to take her behind the scenes lol!
Appetizers to share! Sausages and homg the dips were awesome!
IMG_8823 IMG_8825
Escargots but without the shell. Why ah? But I like! I ate like... 3 of them oops :X
My Vongole which sucked
Lirong's salmon pasta
Juyin's paella which was nice!
Hidaya's marinara which is like Juyin's paella but with pasta instead lol
Didn't have a very satisfying dinner because my vongole was shit.
The base wasn't flavourful (I like Pastamania's version better!) and totally bland yucks.
But the rest liked their food so I probably won't be going back anytime soon lol.
Headed for ice cream at Haagen Dazs and went home. Mad exhausted!
Anyway we didn't take polaroids!! Gosh I think I was really so exhausted I couldn't remember to do shit.
All I wanted to do was go home and crawl under my blanket.
My weekends are bloody hectic too (Super Show 5 hello!) so I'm hoping to get a good rest.
Have a great weekend everyone! :D