A year older, a year wiser as well

Hi, I hope everyone is still here /cue cricket noises/
I've been swamped daily with... I dunno what.
Don't really have much to do at work because I did something drastic a couple of weeks back by tendering my resignation, which will come in another entry if I'm really bored shitless at work HAHA!
So... I finally turned 24 years old 2 weeks back. I FEEL OLD.
This is just a collective entry on what my friends and family did to celebrate my special day.
First up, stupid email from work.
I have a love-hate relationship with my job and the people here.
Used to mock these emails because they are quite useless (not like they're giving me a voucher to spend or something) but yeah... here's mine.
Came on the Friday before my actual birthday.
Met up with Yvonne for dinner that night to celebrate my birthday and my resignation (YES,FINALLY LEAVING WOHOOO!!!) at Superstar K BBQ Restaurant along Tanjong Pagar Rd.
I previously brought her to Togi Restaurant at Mosque St because she wanted to try the rice cakes and at the recommendation of my bff, we went there because I'd never been there either.
It's...to put it nicely, not to my liking. Neither did she enjoy the meal too then.
So I told her I'd bring her to Superstark K BBQ Restaurant instead because I really like their food here!
Attempted to make a reservation prior to that day but they do not take reservations on weekends I was told.
We managed to get a table for 2 after about 25 mins wait despite being told we had to wait an hour so yay to us! :D
Superstar K BBQ Restaurant

75 Tanjong Pagar Rd Singapore 088496 6224 0504

Ordered 2 portions of pork, 1 kimchi jjiggae and a bottle of Cass beer to share!
Complimentary steamed egg which is like damn nice I always finish this up no matter what.
Our bill came up to approx $60+ and Yvonne paid because she wanted to treat me as a birthday gift so dessert was on me! :D
Onward to a cafe, Group Therapy, for more gossip lol!
We both ordered 2 different types of dessert to share.
Surprisingly for a Friday night, the place wasn't full and we had a good time sitting there till late to chit-chat and talk nonsense like we used to haha!
Group Therapy 
49 Duxton Road #02-01
Singapore 089513
6222 2554
Flourless Chocolate Slice with Vanilla Ice Cream $7.50
Belgian-styled Waffle $12
The cake and waffle were so nice and yummy!
Didn't know flourless cakes could taste nice too, kinda like a tarty kind of texture?
Yeah and the waffle was soft and fluffy!
Good job Paula for finding this place on Google lol! /pats self on back/
We went home quite late that day, around 11 plus and after reaching home I was dead on tired :(
Showered and was ready to head to bed because I had a long day the next day early in the morning but the bf showed up with....
You can check out my Instavid on my Instagram for this.
Really shocked to find this because I hadn't expected anything from him at all (we don't have a habit of buying gifts after being together for so long).
Le bf asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I wanted a minion which in my mind translated to a minion cake like this with a rainbow interior lol but he got me a toy instead ROFL!
Technically he's not wrong la, since it really is a minion HAHAHAH!
And bff texted me first to wish me as well.
That's the LINE app btw which.. I kinda forced them to use because the stickers are so freaking cute and since I already paid for them might as well right HAHAHAH!
I always talk to my bf with stickers alone and ask him to guess what I'm trying to say lol!
Dear friends reading this, use LINE too leh! Show you my stickers HAHAHA.
I have Stitch, Psy and 2NE1!!! :D :D :D I'm secretly tempted to buy more but I think my bf will kill me :x
Ok, digressing too much.
On my actual birthday on Saturday, I went to give tuition early in the morning because I was meeting bff for brunch later on in town.
Went to Wild Honey and when I walked in to see this...
And behind it was Jace! LOL! Shocked to the max because I wasn't expecting her there.
Thanks love :D :D :D :D
IMG_9021 IMG_9022 IMG_9023
Playing with food lol
Moved on to atas tai-tai shopping at Takashimaya where Jace and I almost caved in to buying skincare/makeup on Level 1 but stopped ourselves and we went to Coffee Bean to sit down and rest like a boss.
Ordered a cake to share without thinking much then it came with my name on it :')
The staff sang a birthday song for me too with the girls and then.. we spammed many polaroids (favourite hobby after buying makeup for me!)
Yup, we took that much pictures!
From bff's Instagram :)
From my Instagram
That night my dad asked my uncle and aunties and cousins for dinner near my place to celebrate my birthday.
Mum was sick tho :(
And the next day the bf's turn to bring me out for dinner! :D
We went to Lei Garden Restaurant at CHIJMES after my double tuition.
Mad tired but happy to spend time alone with him.
Not much pictures of the food because they are all in my DSLR and I'm lazy to upload them HAHAHA!
My date for the night
Crabmeat Xiao Long Bao $6 each
Peking Duck Skin! :P :P :P NOMS!
We brought Dave out with us too HAHAHAHA!
And that concludes my 24th birthday celebration!
Thanks to all who wished me on all forms of social media and smsing me!
Really appreciate it :)
As I grow older, I realise the number of people who actually remember your birthday decreases.
People really grow apart but we shouldn't dwell on such people but cherish those who actually remember them like the back of their hand.
I made a huge decision just days before I turned 24 so I wish for an awesome year ahead till the next year when I'll be a quarter of a century old!