7-Eleven Hello Kitty x tokidoki Collection

7-Eleven Singapore recently released a Hello Kitty x tokidoki event which I gasped really loudly when I saw it not because I'm a Hello Kitty fan, but I love tokidoki!
I used to collect their makeup items including palettes and brushes for a period of time but basically that was all my supposed collection of tokidoki items consisted of.
Used to be a major Hello Kitty fan when I was younger in primary school and I still have the remnants of those collectables in my house yet after I outgrew it, I just never liked Hello Kitty that much.
But these were too cute to pass up! SERIOUSLY.
and of course this event was a really smart marketing strategy by 7-Eleven:
Simply spend $4 and receive a sticker. If you purchase any star items, you get an additional sticker. A maximum of 2 stickers will be given per transaction.
Collect 6 stickers and top-up $3.90 to receive a figurine OR collect 18 stickers and get 1 figurine for free.
Here's the deal - the figurines all come in blind packs meaning, you cannot choose them OTL
so for a period of time I really went to 7-Eleven to collect the stickers religiously, forcing myself to buy stuff from there even though I don't like to buy anything from there :(
and with the help of my mum who asked neighbours for their stickers, I managed to get 18 stickers in total! :D
Here's a look at the boxing for the figurines.
The figurines were all numbered like this
And now, my collection from this set of figurines.
No. 1 Cactus Kitty / Sandy
No.3 Apple Kitty
No.4 Ciao Ciao Kitty (SHO CUTE IDE...)
No.6 Mini Cactus Kitty / Bastardino
No.7 Scooter Kitty / Adios and Kitty
No. 10 Cow Kitty / Mozzarella
I was really upset when I went to exchange my first figurine at 7-Eleven Great World City.
The lady was really mean and she refused to accept my 2nd sheet of stickers because they were stuck in the wrong order (hey, you said 6 what, never say cannot anyhow stick right?) by my mum.
so when I opened my first box I got the Cupid Kitty (No.2) and I was like "NOOOOO T.T" cos it wasn't one of those I wanted.
then I went to another outlet to exchange my 2nd sheet with Sinhui & Wanjun and I got No.10 the Mozzarella one! :D :D :D happppppppy. (we shook a few boxes to gauge the weight hehe xD)
and on the same day, with that sheet of stickers that were stuck on wrongly, Wanjun helped me to ask the staff at another outlet if I could redeem it and she said ok.
I WAS LIKE O.O (evil lady at the GWC outlet!!! *waves fist*)
but after that I got really lazy to collect the stickers and only managed to collect another 6.
This time round I got No.1 Cactus Kitty!
I was kinda sian cos initially I wanted No.1 but when I got No.6 first I changed my mind and decided I didn't need No.1 so when trading with people using my No.2 I kept asking for other Kittys and not Sandy.
Then when I got it I was like... heck keep! LOL.
My initial collection
...until it ballooned to this (this is where all my Kittys are sitting, 'under' my screen)
I caved in and bought Ciao, Adios and Apple off someone because I hated going to 7-Eleven to buy things and still had to ask the staff for the stickers.
Plus they're really not very friendly, at least the one at GWC >_< and I frequent there quite often because my church is just opposite.
Oh, and I couldn't deal with opening blind packs anymore. I've had it what with all the photocards I collect from albums and now this?!?!?! *pulls hair* WO CAI BU YAO LEH!
So yeah, that's all for my random entry regarding my Hello Kitty x tokidoki collection.
Actually I just wanted to play with my DSLR because I've been neglecting it quite often HAHAHA.
People, if you're not a diehard fan of such things, please don't start.
Because the quality ain't that good either (look at my Sandy Kitty apple :/ got defects one)
ok kthxbye.