Tokyo Travelogue: Day 3 Minatomirai Station & Shibuya


Alright, here goes for Day 3 Part 2! Click here if you want to read the first part of the day's itinerary in Yokohama. After our visit to the Cup Noodles Museum, we walked back to Minatomirai station where we had first alighted from the train and decided to search for food because we were hungry. And even though we had spent half the day looking at noodles, we walked into Ippudo on B1 when I first spotted it because.... how can anyone pass up on eating Ippudo ramen really?!





Having loved my very first bowl of Ippudo ramen in Hiroshima back in 2011, it has always been my go-to ramen in Singapore so I couldn't pass up the chance of eating again in Japan!


Ordered my standard Akamaru ramen with the gyoza to share with the bff and it only cost 1450yen for the entire set. Super cheap compared to Singapore!!





After having tried Ichiran ramen the night before, somehow my Akamaru ramen tasted slightly less tastier than the soup base from Ichiran. But since Ichiran is not available in Singapore (yet! please come lol), I can only say Ippudo serves one of the tastier ramen in Singapore.


Was about to head to the train station when I got majorly distracted by that huge Snoopy floating in the middle of nowhere and that can only mean one thing - Snoopy Town!


Thank you Yokohama for setting up a Snoopy Town there lol! I went crazy and managed to buy my Woodstock items :D :D :D :D


Here's one of the reasons why I cannot live in Japan because I'd have to exercise a ton of self-control to not buy everything I see on the shelf in Snoopy Town.


Then next store was the Disney Store where we bought our 2-day pass to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea which we were planning to go the next day. I highly recommend that you pop by one of the Disney Stores to pick up tickets to the parks because the queues get crazily long at the park entrances. It is nothing like the queues at HK Disneyland so do not think that you can just walk up there to buy the tickets because I've heard that queues can take up to an hour and beyond during peak season! And can you imagine if the tickets are sold out for the day and you're already at the entrance, how sad can that be T____T Anyway ticket prices are the same so better to be safe than sorry!


We then took the train back into downtown Tokyo, right back to Shibuya and we stopped by the Hachiko statue because it was too dark the day before to take pictures with it. There are signs directing you from the train station to the direction of the statue so just follow them and you'll find yourself in the area of the statue.


Attempted the Shibuya crossing in daylight again. I find it much more fun to do it when there's light haha, feels more real this way.


Walked over to the main street of Shibuya towards Loft and passed by It's Demo along the way. I immediately walked in because.... MAKEUP!!! And Disney Princesses as well xD



Take. all. my. money!


I actually bought the Rapunzel powder because my favourite Disney Princess is her!


Sad to say I've yet to use the powder but I recall it smelling very floral and it's just a normal face setting powder. Hope to actually get restarted on my makeup reviews soon! Maybe after I finish this travelogue series and return from Korea


Basement level where we experienced an earthquake here. Actually Tokyo suffered from a small but still bordering dangerous earthquake while we were in Yokohama that day and I remember that we also experienced more earthquakes that night and the JR Yamanote Line was actually stopped due to power lines being damaged during the earthquake O.O




It's Demo is a store that specialises in selling makeup collaborations with cartoon characters so make sure to head here if you love makeup + cartoon characters! I left the store with a huge hole in my wallet D: #itriedmybest


Walked around the Loft area, basically the same place we were at the previous night but we had much more time to roam the streets and stores this time. Ended up feeling very tired and went to Parco because of....


...My Melody & My Sweet Piano Cafe! Which my brother gave a face of disgust when he heard we wanted to go there and went off to explore on his own LOL.







This cafe is truly a My Melody fan heaven! But alas, we were not fans of this character haha. We were more into Kuromi but then again, our obsession still lies in Disney characters really. I swear if they created a pop-up Disney Tsum Tsum store I will go crazy!


Ordered this drink because we were very full and couldn't stomach anymore food lol. Plus the whole idea was to just rest our tired feet from all the walking done so far.


Took home the keychain as a souvenir but I don't know where are they now oops. The drink was pretty expensive and not as nice to drink as the one from the Pom Pom Purin Cafe. Oh wells, you're really paying for the cute decoration only.



Koped these coasters home as well haha #ipaidforthemtoo



And that was the end of our Shibuya adventure. Headed over to Shinjuku to pick up the bag from Burberry Blue Label that my mum reserved and then we went for dinner at a nearby Yoshinoya.


Yoshinoya is some place where I would never step into in Singapore because of how poor the food quality is but many people have told me how different the food is in the Japanese Yoshinoyas so we went to try! Here's our pork bowl with onsen tamago.


It was so delicious that we actually went back to Yoshinoya on a separate day for more of this pork gloriousness! The meat was very tender and blended well with the gyudon sauce. 5 thumbs up! Do try if you are in Japan really, highly recommended! We called it a day after that and went back to the hotel to pack because we had to check-out the next day to head to our second accommodation.

The bff and I were still pretty bent on eating some sushi since we hadn't had any since arriving in Tokyo as my mother cannot stomach raw fish so we couldn't hop into a sushi restaurant with her for our meals. Decided to head out to one of the 24 hour sushi restaurant around the hotel for supper and had our fill of sushi!


Popped by a drugstore on our way back to pick up some things like these Minnie eyelashes below (which I haven't used wtf) and some sore feet relief patches lol.

Yes, my feet was clearly minced meat by then and those were a major lifesaver each night!! Oh and Salonpas too. Somehow the ones bought in Japan are so much more effective than local bought ones in Singapore. I actually bought a huge box for my grandma and she totally LOL-ed when she asked what I bought for her as a gift from Japan and I said 'Salonpas' HAHAHAHA.



Frozen fever was everywhere in Japan! I think it still is there though.

Yup and this concludes our stay as well in Shinjuku Granbell Hotel. Next day we moved to a hotel near the Disney parks for our 2 day adventure in Disney heaven! :D

Till then, bye! I have to go edit our 800+ pics taken just in Tokyo Disneyland alone T________T